Waldron Peewee Football: A Real Life Cinderella Story


By Megan Hecox

For the first time in 17 years, both 3/4 grade and 5/6 grade Waldron Peewee football teams, have made it to the Playoffs. This is a success that is long overdue. Year after year the Bullpups have worked hard and fought harder but always seemed to fall short of victory. No shortcomings were present during this season though. The Bulldogs have a saying. “Rise as One” This time around for these incredible kids and the parents who consistently support them, they have made that saying a reality.

The Peewee Bulldogs fought and clawed their way through every team in the River Valley League. Teams that included Heavener, Lavaca, Mena, Charleston, Clarksville, Ozark, and Paris. The 3/4 grade team is coached by Jared Kluthe, Thomas Mays, Ryan Brown, Tylor Hudson, Luke Aynes, and Duwayne Blackmon. The 5/6 grade team is coached by Brian Bailey, Jerry Morris, Jeremy Howell, Troy Nevills, and Charlie Allen.

The 5/6 grade team made it all the way to the first round of Playoffs but ended falling short in their game against Mena. Last year the 3/4 grade Bulldogs ended their season 0-9. Refusing to let that happen again, the returning players set out to prove a point and make a name for themselves. Flying through their opponents as if they were going out of style, the 3/4 grade team finished the regular season 5-3. Making it to the first round of the Playoffs, the Bullpups beat Mena 44-14.

Having successfully made it to Round 2 of the Playoffs, the 3/4 graders will travel to Heavener this Saturday, November 17th with plans of demolishing the Wolf Pups. The game will start at 1 pm. The Waldron community is encouraged to come out and support these kids in making history. In doing so. you are also supporting the future of Waldron Football. Bring your popcorn and pom poms and join in with the Cow Bell Mommas as they help in getting the boys pumped up. The Championship Game will be held in Waldron on November 24.


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