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Lighting a candle in memory of her sister Fern Powell during the Memory program.

By Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Waldron Nursing Center Residents, family members, friends and staff along with staff from Heart of Hospice all came together to honor all of our residents who have passed away in 2018 with a “Memory Parade” in their honor. First off everyone gathered together to march in the parade down the hallway leading to the front entrance carrying a sign with their loved one’s photo attached to it or of one of the Memory residents photo attached carried by others.  After the parade ended everyone returned to the resident dining room for the program. The welcome was given by Christine Lees,LSW/ADC  followed by the reading of “First Christmas in Heaven” by Terri Hattabaugh, Housekeeping/Laundry Supervisor, Alex Carter, Activity Assistant, then read each name as family members, WNC staff, friends or staff from Heart of Hospice came forth to light a candle in their memory as their name was read, then the Social worker from Heart of Hospice read the poem, “When I am Gone” followed by a prayer by Julie Strickland, Heart of Hospice.

At the end of  the program everyone was invited to enjoy the wonderful cookies that was provided for this occasion by Heart of Hospice. Being remembered were Granville Stuart, Ellen McMillan, Dwane Wendorff, Tommy Williams, Thurman Hunt, Joann Harrison, Judy Hines, Ruby Phillips, Robert Merrow, Betty Verrrricchio, Ernest Burson, Bob ford, Betty Stafford, Elmer Dean Willis, Marvin (Junior) Cheesman, Ansel Phelan, Fayrene Stringer, Joan Hutchens, Jim Currier, Gladys Simpson, Margie Woodliff, Fern Yandell, Gertrude Shelton, Joyce Speaks, Ronald Bickford, Elizabeth Betty Harris, Bulah Daily, Floyd Smith, Angela Knox, Thomas Joiner, Dean Brown, Wanda Ferguson, Fern Powell and Willie Newman. Our hearts are truly sad with the “memory” of these beloved ones who have passed. The photos of these residents will be displayed on our memory wall close to the resident dining room for the month of December.


Mrs. Powel’s Art class 1 decorating the windows and doors at the Nursing Center with a variety of holiday art.

The Waldron School Art 1 Class with teacher Mrs. Powell really have the windows and doors of our facility looking festive. We appreciate all of these students coming to do the Holiday art work.  There have also been lots of other activities going on. The monthly birthday celebrating birthdays for Helen Meieding, Mary Jo Maxey and Madge Hunt. It was also reported that Roger Sparks and group did a wonderful “show” as some of our residents like to call it with the great Blue Grass singing and music. This is one group that everyone is out to hear. Bingo with Doyle Wayne helping out, Par Morales helping with crafts, Diane Miller with Reminiscence. Just to name some things that have been keeping everyone busy.

The resident “Joy Tree’ is up and waiting for names to be picked. Thanks also to everyone who have brought the stuffed animals and other items for our bingo cart. Also the 2019 calendars that I have received so far.

In closing we are so blessed with having so many in our community to help bring “joy” to our residents.

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