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Pictured above, Haleigh of Mercy Hospice helps with a special game of bingo for the residents.

We can’t believe we are already at the half way mark for the year. We will be going on our annual resident fishing trip to Greenhurst in Charleston as well as going on the Carriage ride sponsored by the Tulls of Weigh Tech.

Events this past week was Singing with the Packsaddle group, Reminiscence with Diane Miller, Singing with Temple Baptist group, lots of Table crafts, nail painting, Trivia all with Alex. Bingo on Wednesday and Friday afternoon with Volunteer Pat Morales helping out with bingo and the craft projects, art work, scrap-book, Resident Council, Worship with Larry Justice. Brother Larry is another one of Church folks who are so faithful to come and bring services to our residents.

Haleigh from Mercy Hospice was on hand to help do a special bingo game with lots of awesome prizes. The Special activity of “Car Races” was a big hit, making two teams of players and using the roll of the dice to determine how many space the car s can move. When the race was over the cars were given as door prizes. We had received several cars to either put in the bingo cart or to use as other game prizes. The residents love winning the door prizes that we have at some of the games.

“Cap Ball” was also a big hit with everyone getting to take their ball cap home after the game was over. The monthly birthday party celebrating Marie Hudson turning 101 years young and Gladys Simpson.

“Thanks” to all who have given us these special prizes for our activities and making it fun for our residents. Speaking of “fun” the Nurse aids and staff had a music & dance activity on Saturday afternoon. There is nothing like music to get our residents going. “Thanks” to all who had any part in bringing this “Joy” to our residents.  Thanks also to those that have been leaving the wonderful magazines and paper back books as well as other items by my office door. We have quiet a few readers now and many go down to check out the book shelves in the dining room to choose their own books. Alex is also still passing out the word search puzzles, adult art pages and magazines to the residents each day.

In closing again we appreciate all of our “Volunteers” who do so much for our residents. Also to Virginia Simpson who helps me so much with putting up the activity photos each month on the wall so everyone can enjoy seeing them. Many of the residents also come by to look at themselves doing the events.

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