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Story by Christine Lees LSW/ADC
Crystal Nelson (pictured above), Waldron Nursing Home Dietary Department shows off her plaque she received along with $100 in cash for being elected “employee of the month”.
What a wonderful fall outing to Golden Corral our Waldron Nursing Center residents, Volunteers, family members and staff had. First when I arrived at work early on Wednesday morning several of the residents were already dressed and waiting to get on the road although we were not loading to leave until around 9:30 am. Eddie Harrison from WaldronFirst Baptist arrived to give us a helping hand with the transports. Alex Carter, Activity Assistant, drove the Nursing Center large Van while Denea Eslick, Activity Assistant, drove the small van and two family member’s assisting with their  private cars. Warren Davis, Maintenance Department, drove the company truck loaded down with all of the wheelchairs and walkers after each resident was loaded either on the Bus or the two vans. Going on the outing were residents, Gladys Simpson, assisted by her daughter Shelly Hunt, Janis Hull, Jona Rich, Gertrude Shelton, Joann Darrow, Jimmy Mize, assisted by his daughter Beverly Byford, who is also a staff member and her daughter, Paul Davis, assisted by wife, Chris Davis & grandson, Paul,  Ernest Burson, who received a great surprise by his daughter Lori, who was able to join us for her lunch break from her work, Dianne Brennan, Cora Owens, Barbara Hay, who was joined by her husband, Dee, Norma Jo Williams, Patricia Turner, Edward Doak, Virginia Yandell and our wonderful Volunteer Pat Morales, besides myself, staff member nurse Chantelle Cox & nurse aide, Jackie Allen all assisted with the trip. Soon after we arrived and everyone got their favorites from the food bars the chowing down began. Everyone ate until they could hardly hold another bite, many had several desserts along with ice cream cones and cotton candy. There was one act of Kindness noted as Eddie Harrison gave Pat Morales the last piece of blueberry pie. I can say the church bus was defiantly tilting on the sides and the vans were going much slower on the trip back. Every one had such a wonderful time and we can’t say “Thanks” enough to all of those that helped out with the trip and also to our nurse aid staff for their hard work in getting everyone dressed and ready for the trip. To the Waldron First Baptist and Eddie Harrison for always being willing to help us out with the transportation. Now if anyone wants a first hand look at those loaded plates just stop at the photo wall and it will tell the true story.
Other events of the week was Church services & singing with Rick Byce, Temple Baptist group, Pat Ray Biggs, bingo on Monday & Friday with our Volunteer, Doyle Wayne & Karen helping out. The monthly birthday party to celebrate those having a birthday, Paul Davis, Thurman Hunt, Joyce Speaks, Sam Giddens, Barbara Belknap and Vester Hutchens. Residents are also doing lots of ball practice so they can try and beat the “Dalton Gang” when we go back over there for the monthly base ball game. These are just a few of the things that are keeping everyone busy this week. Congratulations to Crystal Nelson, Dietary Department, for being elected as “employee of the month”.
In closing we will be doing our treat giving night for the young ones throughout the community so plan on coming by and get their sacks filled with candy from our residents. More information to be coming. We are also in need of a Minister or singing group to help us out on the first Sunday of each month at 2:00 PM. If anyone is willing to take this slot please give me a call at the Nursing Center and receive a true blessing by bringing “Joy” into the lives of our residents.

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