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Story by, Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Employees of Waldron Nursing Center joined residents in the Patio hat party (reference above image)

Waldron Nursing Center Residents have been having loads of fun participating in all of the scheduled activities. First off we had our spring outing to Golden Corral, going on the trip was residents Paulette Boyce, Janis Hull, Johna Rich, Gertrude Shelton, Mary Jo Maxey and guest daughter, Susan, Jimmy Mize, Paul Davis and guest & volunteer, Chris Davis, Dianne Brennan, Betty Stafford, Cora Owens, Edward Doak, Virginia Yandell, Joyce Thompson, Volunteers assisting beside Chris Davis was Pat Morales, Joanna Strozier and Harley Black assisting with hauling the wheelchairs and walkers, Church bus driver, Eddie Harrison, Nurse Chantelle Cox, staff assisting beside myself, Beverly Byford, Billie Strozier driving the big van, Alex Carter driving the little van. Warren Davis. Everyone had a wonderful time and left stuffed to the brim. We can’t express our appreciation enough to Waldron First Baptist and Eddie for helping us with the transportation.

Residents also enjoyed a fishing day at the park, Bob Mays, Barbara Hay, Dianne Brennan, Edward Doak, Judy Hines and Betty Stafford. The residents also enjoyed the fresh catfish from the trip as well as those that had donated their catch at the Kids fishing derby so the residents could enjoy a fish fry. Thanks to Mack Davis for delivering the fish cleaned and sliced to the dietary department, along with all of the other officers who helped with this activity.

Another fun activity was the ride in the Rodeo parade on the Trolly  along with the personal visit by the Visiting Rodeo Clown, Brandon McClure and the 2017 Rodeo Royalty, Riley Brown, Rodeo Princess, Jasmine LeCompte, Rodeo Lil’ Miss, Hala & Marilyn Evans, Jennifer Broomfield, Desiree,Tanya & Kate Lynn Poor, Cassie Rongey, Andrea Johnston, Barb Templeman.

Rodeo Clown, Brandon McClure visited everyone as well as giving autographed photographs to the residents.

We also recognized our Nursing Center Veterans along with the VFW Post # 1345 bringing cards and a flag to each one of them, recognized was Robert Merrow-Paul Laird, Navy, Willard Perkins,Thurman Hunt-Army,Granville Stuart-Air Force.

Other activities included the monthly Birthday party honoring Janis Hull, Jom Lathana, Charles Hunt, Rick Bickford & Granville Stuart. Worship services with our many faithful ministers, singing with Rick Byce, bingo with Volunteers, Doyle Wayne Dickens, Pat Morales and Joanna Strozier. Patio Hat Party, Reminiscence with Diane Miller, just to name a few of the activity  events.

Congratulations goes out to Chantelle Cox, Day Nurse at Waldron Nursing Center, elected as “employee of the month” along with the plaque she received $100. in cash.

In closing we are in need of some big piece jig saw puzzles, preferably no larger than the 500 piece, if you have any extra that you might be finished with. We also have the new book shelf up and our readers are enjoying going down to choose their own books from it. Thanks to the lady that donated the last batch of great books.

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