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Richard Warner (left) enjoying the card he received from “Heart of Hospice” volunteers. Brenda Gibson (right) won the game of horseshoes.

By Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Waldron Nursing Center residents have really been enjoying sitting in the patio area in the morning hours when it is cool and visiting with each other in a big circle using the social distance that is recommended due to COVID-19.  Not as many can go out there due to the recommended group of no more than 10 at one time, but our residents have already figured this one out quite a while ago. They just go at separate times if there is the limit  already just like when they eat their meals in the dining room or a group event is in session.  

With the short rains that help keep Marion Thomas’ box garden watered he is keeping an eye on his pepper and tomato  plants that have several blooms on them. He likes to talk about that’s how you know they are starting to make with peppers and tomatoes. He often states that he has always done gardening and is really enjoying it here especially when a tiny tomato or pepper begins to form on his plants.

Residents really enjoyed receiving the cards from Heart of Hospice volunteers once again this week. Someone dropped off a bag of homemade cards with enough so that each resident received one. There were some really big smiles on their faces when they opened up the card and read what was written there and to see the different decorations that were added to the cards. I can’t say thanks enough for this great joy that was brought to everyone by the volunteers from “Heart of Hospice” group.

Other things enjoyed this week included bingo, trivia, and horseshoes.  Willis Freeman is really getting good at completing the trivia questions and has received several prizes. Alex really does a good job with coming up with all of the questions and then passing out the sheets to everyone as he makes the rounds with the “busy cart” each morning.  Brenda Gibson was the big winner at the horseshoe game, winning a prize of candy and lotion.  Several played the game but she had the most ringers. Our group that like to do the adult art pages are continuing to keep the art wall decorated with their finished projects. We really miss Pat Morales, volunteer,  who always helped with the craft and art pages. Also Volunteer Virginia Simpson, who posted the weekly photographs of residents doing the activities. Hopefully before too many months down the road we will get to see them again along with our other groups when we are free from the COVID virus threat. One way to help us out is to wear the recommended mask when out in the community, wash your hands often and obey the recommendations made by the CDC, Office of Long Term Care and our Governor who does a daily update. We must all work together to get through this trying time. 

In closing, thanks to those that dropped off the magazines and paper back books.  Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Jacquelyn Patterson. She was such a lovely lady and will be missed by all who knew her.

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