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Story by Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Waldron Nursing Center joins in with showing appreciation to all of our Nurses during the celebration of National Nurses Week- May 6-12. Being honored are Patti Roets-RN-Director of Nurses, Anne Mathews-RN-Assistant Director of Nurses, Amber Owens-RN, Charlotte Belknap-LPN, Chantelle Cox-LPN, Nancy Dodd-LPN, Marilyn Dyson-RN, Jordan Gilbert-RN, Becky Haga-LPN, Kansas Hunt-RN- Laura Kluthe-LPN, Elizabeth Lopez-LPN, Kelley Mortimore-LPN, Barbara Russell-LPN, Sydni Pene-LPN, Charles Strozier-LPN, Christina Wagner-LPN, Joyce Williams-LPN.

Residents had a wonderful time during the annual fishing trip to Charleston, AR. (Reference above image) This yearly event is a combined activity of several Nursing Homes in our district to go fishing in the lake in front of Greehurst Nursing Home. Greenhurst always host the event with a cook-out of hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on the grill. Eight different homes participated in the event this year, along with Waldron Nursing Center was Pink Bud, Mercy Crest, Valley Springs, Chapel Ridge, Fianna Hills, Greenhurst, and Fort Smith Health and Rehab. In our resident group was Janis Hull, John Clopton, Gertrude Shelton, who also caught the first fish, Johna Rich, Hattie Thomas, Willard Perkins, Paul Davis & Paulette Boyce. Assisting were staff members, Christine Lees, LSW/ADC, Billie Strozier, activity assistant driving the big van, Alex Carter, activity assistant, driving the small van, family members, Chris Davis & granddaughter, Destiny, Beverly Byford & daughter, Nurse Amber Owens, Volunteers David Strozier, Joanna Strozier and Harley Black. Warren Davis driving the company truck to haul the wheelchairs. Everyone had a great time and most all residents caught fish.

Our Mother’s Day celebration with a Mother’s Day Party recognizing the oldest mom at the party, Gladys Thompson, 102 years young, Paulette Boyce-the youngest and Dorothy Shepard being the mom with the most children that was attending the party. Each one received a special gift along with a certificate, all other moms also received certificates along with our ladies who didn’t have children receiving a special lady certificate. Our staff held a contest of making beautiful hand made flower arrangements for Mother’s.  Roger Rich and Kim of R & R Automotive, Waldron,  also brought much joy to each of our ladies with a beautiful fresh carnation of many different colors. Smiles could have never been bigger when each one was presented with a flower in her honor.

Other events of excitement for our residents was the employee “Kiss the pig” contest, with Director of Nurses, Patti Roets and Social Director, Christine Lees having to kiss the pig. A donut eating contest was also held between nurse aids on the morning and evening shift. The residents have really been enjoying these contest involving the staff and them being the one to cheer the staff on. Sara Pleitner and Paige Zimmer were the winners.

This week we will be celebrating National Nursing Home week with a variety of different activities throughout the facility with different departments having a dress theme for the day.

The Gifted and Talented Class of Waldron School, Laklynn Dedmon, Connor Beck, Kylie Broomfield, Isabel Roberson, Payton Justice, Trenton Hunt and Teresa Holleman, teacher,  brought “Busy Pads” for our Alzheimer patient activity. The hand made pads included buttons, zippers and assorted gadgets for the person to fiddle with. This is such a wonderful gift from these young ones in helping our residents who need them to keep busy.

In closing we congratulate the seniors who are connected to Waldron Nursing Center either through being an employee or related to an employee, Gabriel Avarez, Harley Black, Destiny Davis, Jessica Hattabaugh, Brendan Scott, David Strozier and Kinnley Wagner. We wish them a great future.

Photos: 1. Fishing trip to Charleston.
2. Gifted & Talented Class.

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