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Valentine King and Queen, Hoyt Goodner and Alberta Gathright.

Waldron Nursing Center Residents have had a wonderful time leading up to Valentines Day with the help of all the folks who have helped stuff their Valentine Holders that are hung right outside their room door. Alex and Pat Morales along with our resident crafters are responsible for getting them ready to receive all of the cards that everyone has been stuffing in them. Residents can be seen taking a peek into their holder to see if new cards have arrived while others are saving theirs to enjoy on the big day. This week we received cards from John and Kim Keener and hand made cards from elementary and middle school students. Thanks so much to all of these along with those that sent cards through the mail or dropped them off for us to put in the holders previously. All of these folks have really made this Valentines special for our residents.

There was also an in house Valentine Party held for the residents with the Dietary Department serving some very pretty cookies along with the crowning of the elected Valentine King Hoyt Goodner and Queen Alberta Gathright was elected by popular vote. Ballot Boxes were placed at the Nurse desk for everyone to cast a vote for a King and Queen. There were several who were nominated for this honor. King nominations were Theodore Miller, Paul Davis, Richard Bartlett, Clayton Burrows, Vester Hutchens, James Browning, Sam Giddens and Van Hattabaugh. Queen nominations were Florain Valentine, Hazel Cheesman, Thelma Lawson, Joan Thomas, Nancy Barker, Vidya Patel, Joyce Hawkins, Samantha Cox, Iva Darling, Sarah Weatherly, Brenda Gibson, Dianne Brennan and Virginia Yandell. The King and Queen received a crown, boxes of Valentine candy and a chocolate rose along with their certificate declaring them the winners. Each nominee also received a certificate.

We are still proud to announce that we don’t have any flu. Hopefully we will be able to lift the no visitors soon. We are just so appreciative of everyone’s corporation in helping keep our residents flu free.

In closing we extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Melvin Smith, he will be greatly missed.

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