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Story by Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Waldron Nursing Center Residents have really been enjoying the nice spring days out in the patio area. Some have been eating their lunch out there on the patio tables. Alex and Billie can often be seen just sitting with a group of them having some small group activities. Bigger group events that are enjoyed inside have been Sunday morning Bible time, movies with Alex, Reminiscence with Diane Miller, Bingo on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon with our Volunteers, Doyle Wayne, Joann Strozier and Pat Morales. Pat also helps us with the Friday morning craft activities. Monday evening with Temple Baptist Church group singers, nail painting, exercises, Worship service with Ray Jett, scrap-booking, singing with Glen Cook, Art work, also crazy bingo with Alex on Saturday afternoon.  Table games of checkers and dominoes.

Our special Wednesday morning activity of “bowling” was quiet a hit. I found that we have quiet a few good bowlers and some got all of the pins down on the first try while a few others got them all on the second try. Everyone got two tries at knocking down the pins. Billie did a great job of getting them all lined up for the next game while Alex helped me with the photo taking. The residents really look forward to seeing their photos on the photo wall each week. At most any given time you can see folks there looking to see what activity has been posted as well as family members looking at their loved one doing the different activities. I am also still e-mailing many of the photos to family members, all one has to do is see me and give the e-mail address so I can get them on the list.

The in-house egg hunt was also a huge hit. We had around 15 egg hunters for the 100 + eggs that had been hidden throughout the building by Alex while Billie kept everyone occupied so they couldn’t peek.  Those finding the prize eggs were Dianne Brennan, Rosie Hawkins, Edward Doak, Betty Stafford, Jimmy Mize, Virginia Yandell and Janis Hull.  All the eggs were filled with candy except for the prize eggs and these had slips of paper inside declaring a bigger prize to be picked up at the Activity Department. Rosie Hawkins found the most eggs, a total of 19, She won a huge Easter bunny for finding the most, Betty Stafford came in 2nd with 17 and Edward Doak with 15 for 3rd place. After the hunt was all complete and everyone emptied their eggs and got their special prizes they all went to the dining room area to get snow cones made by Connie from the dietary department. A big “Thanks” goes to all of our wonderful staff for assisting residents during the egg hunt. It is quiet difficult at times to roll a wheelchair or push a walker,  hold a basket and gather eggs at the same time. Our ladies from Ouachita Hospice also came for their monthly activity time and brought supplies for doing an “egg” toss into baskets. Each basket had a point number on it and whoever got 30 points received a special prize. Each one received 10 eggs to toss into the baskets to see if they could get a total of 30 points. The toss was quiet a bit more difficult than it appeared but everyone had a great time and the prizes the ladies brought was greatly sought after. The refreshments of decorated cookies, chocolate and strawberry milk was also a big hit. Everyone is waiting to see what activity they will bring next month.

Johna Rich won the prize for guessing the amount of jelly beans and candy in the big jar that Alex had been passing around all week. She won the big jar of candy so she will be having a cure for her sweet tooth for a while.

We are now busy planning the resident fishing trip to Charleston, AR. and the trip to eat lunch at Golden Corral next month. These are two outings that are really enjoyed by the residents. Not everyone likes to go fishing but most all like the trip to go eat.

In closing our hearts are truly sad with the passing of June Lyle, leader of the Booneville  Senior Citizen Support Stocking Revue dancers that came here each month. They have been coming to our Nursing Center for several years now and we will all miss June so very much. The group does plan to continue with their schedule but we will truly miss June. Our deepest sympathy goes out to her family and our thoughts and prayers will be with them in the many sad days ahead.

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