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Dianne Brennan was just one of many who participated in the game of “Pin the tail on the Rabbit”.

Waldron Nursing Center residents are all getting geared up for the Easter holiday by having some fun events of “Pin the Tail on the Rabbit”. This game was compliments of Elaine, sister of Florain Valentine. Elaine has so graciously made us several games for our activities. The residents had a great time with this one as Alex put a blind fold on each one who wanted to  play and then they had to find the right spot to put the tail on the Rabbit. He was a little more mischievous with some as he turned their wheelchairs around a few turns after the blind fold was put on making it a little more difficult to find the right spot to attach the tail to. There was much laughter going on as Queen Madge Hunt, Dianne Brennan, Janis Hull and Paul Davis all tried to get themselves straighten out into the right direction after these maneuver’s. All were great sports though and did a great job of finding the correct spot for the tail. For a few moments during the game there was definitely some funny spots to be sporting a big fluffy white tail.

Other events this week included Reminiscence with Diane Miller,
Evening singing with Temple Baptist, nail painting with Alex, Batter Ball,
Worship services with Grady Parker, Bingo on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon with our ever faithful Volunteer, Doyle
Wayne, helping out. Birthday party to celebrate those April birthdays, Mary
Duncan, Cora Owens and Lou Staggs. Morning
crafts with Volunteer Pat Morales helping out, Day Room fun with Reginia.

It won’t be long until we will be planning our Spring outing as well as the fishing trip. The Easter egg hunt for residents, with the eggs being hidden throughout the hallways is just right around the corner. Everyone will be trying to find the “prize” eggs.

In closing we are still in need of jig saw puzzles for our puzzler
folks. Thanks also to those that have been bringing the magazines and paper
back books.

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