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Story by Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Referencing the above image, Roger Sparks and Blue Grass group entertain Waldron Nursing Center residents with lots of good “Bluegrass” singing and playing

We are happy to report that the flu bug and virus’s have flown away and we are back up doing the group activities. While we were down waiting for the “bug” to pass Alex Carter and Billie Strozier, my two assistants, were busy keeping residents busy with lots of one on one activities. Alex with The Activity cart is started early making rounds each morning filled with magazines, newspapers, word puzzles and Adult art pages to help everyone have a little extra bit of things to do while waiting for the scheduled group events to start. The magazines that everyone have donated has really been a blessing these past weeks in helping with the one on one activities going. I am so appreciative of the understanding from all of our Volunteers and outside groups while our visitation was limited. There have also been some small group events of dominoes, scrabble and craft projects for those that have not been sick. Several are also participating in our Easter art contest. The art work is up on the wall and the judging has been done. Entering in the contest was Johna Rich, Janis Hull, Hattie Thomas, Dianna Brennan, Virginia Yandell, Joyce Thompson, Dorothy Shepard and Robert Merrow. Each art page had a number attached to it so the name of the person doing the art work was not disclosed during the voting. Winners receiving the most votes for their art work was Virginia Yandell-1st place winner, Dianne Brennan-2nd place winner and Robert Merrow-3rd place winner. All three received prizes along with a certificate declaring them a winner. All others received a certificate declaring that they received the award for being a participant in the contest.

The nice weather days have also been a blessing as some of the residents have been able to go out to the patio area with Alex or Billie to enjoy the nice warm sunshine and also to play some games of dominoes, exercises and to eat their lunch in the patio area. On Monday afternoon the ladies from Ouchita Regional Hospice came for their monthly activity hour. This week they brought a “bingo” game with lots of great prizes and delicious sweet treats for everyone to munch on during the games. Our residents never get tired of bingo and some would play it daily if possible.

Since we are now back to normal for the group activities the residents were really proud to welcome Roger Sparks and group for some of their great blue grass singing and playing on Tuesday evening and are looking forward to the return of all our Church groups, Volunteers and other singing groups that are scheduled this month. Our Special Wednesday morning activity of “Bunny Toss” was also enjoyed and we had lots of residents out and ready to play the game.

Congratulations goes to Rosie Hawkins for being elected as Queen Bee from the Red Hat Busy Bee Group, to Terri Hattibaugh, Housekeeping & Laundry Supervisor, for being elected as “employee of the month” by popular vote of all employees. Terri is greatly deserving of this award, along with the plaque she received $100. in cash.

Terri Hattabaugh, Housekeeping & Laundry Supervisor, Waldron Nursing Center, was elected by popular vote as “Employee of the month” ,along with her plaque she received $100. in cash.

Thanks goes out to Kathy White for the puzzles and other items for our activities as well as everyone else who have dropped off things this past week. We are also in need of a few paper back books for our readers.

Some residents were also excited about the Viet Nam Veteran memorial wall that passed through Waldron. Our own Veteran, Willie Newman, from the World War was able to go downtown to see the wall and flag waving. Thanks to our staff Patti Roets and Bonnie Thompson for taking the time to see that he got downtown to see this historic event. It sure made his day and gave him much conversation to have with others.

In closing our deepest sympathy goes out to the families of Mary Nell Sigman, James Avance, Kelly Langley and Wilma Jones. Our thoughts and prayers will be with them in the days ahead.

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