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By Christine Lees LSW/ADC

The flu bug is slowly going away so hopefully in a few more days we will be up and running normal. Just call and check with the nurse if you have any questions. We are so appreciative of everyone being so understanding while we have been non active with the group events. Residents have kept busy with individual interest and Alex has kept everyone who wanted a big supply of word puzzles and art pages.

We were unable to have a group announcement about who won the Valentine King and Queen Contest. Clayton Burrows won King by popular vote and Eula Davis won Queen by popular vote. Everyone who was nominated receives a certificate declaring them as being nominated as either King or Queen. Being nominated was Judy Cheesman, Joann Johnson, Hattie Thomas, Rosie Hawkins, Alberta Gathright, Janis Hull, Vidya Patel,Sara Weatherly,Cora Owens, Charlene Simmons, Dorothy Ridenhour, Genevieve Dailey, Barbara Hay, Madge Hunt, Herman Speaks, JR., Dillard Reid, Hasmukh Patel, Hoyt Goodner, Van Hattabaugh. Queen Eula and King Clayton receiver Certificates for their room door declaring them King & Queen as well as a banner near the nurse desk.

Eula Davis (Left) Valentine Queen and Madge Hunt (Right) Nursing Home Queen of Waldron Nursing Center.

Residents who participated in the Valentine card Challenge sponsored by McDonalds of making a huge Valentine card at McDonalds was excited to learn that they won 1st place in the challenge. The Challenge was between Waldron Nursing Center and Waldron Assisted Living with other  facilities located in Mena.

We are pleased to announce that our elected Nursing Home Queen is Madge Hunt. She will be representing us in the District II Nursing Home Queen Pageant in Greenwood. You can read all about her in next weeks article.

Anne Mathews is a shining example of the supportive and always smiling staff at Waldron Nursing Center.

In closing “thanks” again for everyone’s cooperation in helping keep our facility safe from more flu.

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