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Story by Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Gladys Thompson (referencing above image), celebrates turning 102 years young with family and friends with a great birthday party hosted by her family. Happy Birthday Gladys!!!

Waldron Nursing Center is proud to announce the “flu bug” has flown away and everyone is up and around again.  We are still asking that anyone that is sick or has been around others that are sick or have been exposed to the flu to not visit at this time. The hand wash station and mask are still available near the front entrance so everyone can sanitize their hands as they enter and leave the facility. We want to protect our residents during this flu season and keep them safe from all of the reports that we are receiving about sick ones in the community. We really appreciate all of the corporation that we have received over the past weeks from everyone in the community especially all of our ministers and Volunteers who have been so understanding about the postponing of their services while our residents were sick.  We have been keeping residents busy with a variety of in-house activities and one on one events.
Activity Assistant, Alex Carter, made lots of rounds with our activity cart loaded down with different kinds of magazines, word puzzles and lots of adult art pages to choose from. Billie Strozier, Activity Assistant, has been helping keep others with small in-house group events of craft projects, ball exercise and other things.  She and Alex also did small group activities of Reminiscence on Monday morning along with nail painting, scrap-book-movies with pop-corn, table games, resident council, bingo on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Volunteer Doyle Wayne came on Monday afternoon to help call the numbers.  On Wednesday afternoon the residents played “grab bag” bingo since we haven’t played it in quiet a while. There was much excitement going on as each one got a look in the bag that they received from the basket as they had a bingo.

Our Special activity of “Knock ’em down” was well attended as everyone was out and about. The object of the game was to knock the cups down that Alex had painted in pretty colors and made a nice pyramid of them on a table. The cups also had a number on them so the score could be added up when the resident knocked them down using the big ball pop gun. Each one only got one shot at the cups. Some were pretty good while others didn’t do so well with the ball going under the table or over the top of the cups. Each one received their favorite treat of a Tootsie pop when finished with their turn. A lovely fluffy purple throw was offered as the prize for the one getting the most points after the knocked down cups were totaled up. Walker Leathers had the most points of 200 + points.  He was smiling pretty big when he learned he had the highest score from the game.

We are all wishing Gladys Thompson a Happy 102 Years young Birthday. A special party was hosted by her family on Friday morning in the resident dining room with all of the residents and staff gathering to help her celebrate and to wish her a “Happy Day”.

Housekeeping department staff take a few moments to do a photo pose-up at the special activity of “Mardi Gras”.

Our Special event this week of Mardi Gras was well attended and lots of giggling was going on as each one tried on their mask and hats for the photo pose-up. The residents especially enjoyed seeing the Housekeeping staff join in the celebration with a photo pose-up wearing the Mardi Gras mask & beads.  Delicious cookies was given out for a treat as well as lots of multicolored beads.

The monthly Birthday Party was held to honor those March Birthdays, Hazel Cheesman, Charlotte Johnson, Virginia Yandell, Dan Lambert, Jim Currier, Rosie Hawkins and Pauline Audas.

“Thanks” goes out this week to all who have sent magazines and books for the residents to enjoy. Also to the lady who donated the movie player and movies. Our residents really enjoy the movies that Alex shows and they also enjoy getting to choose the movies that are available as well as all of the munching on the popcorn.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Anthony Strozier, husband of Activity Assistant Billie Strozier, father of nurse Charles Strozier and David Strozier who assist in the dietary department after school, daughter Joanna Strozier who is one of my faithful Volunteers for several of the activities. Our prayers and thoughts will be with all of this family in the many sad days ahead.   We were all sorry to hear of the passing of our great friend and past resident Elois Young. Elois also worked with many of us at the Nursing Home some years ago. She will be greatly missed.

In closing I am still in need of new Volunteers so if anyone has a bit of time and would like to spend it bringing “joy” to our residents just stop by my office and fill our a Volunteer application.

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