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By Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Haleigh from Peach Tree Hospice leads the residents in a game of “Family Feud”.

What a wonderful time our residents had with Roger Sparks and his group of “Blue Grass” singers and players. It was reported that everyone had lots of toe tapping going on as the group performed with lots of favorite songs and instrumental numbers. It was also reported that the room was filled with residents, friends and guest from Dalton’s Place who had come over to hear the group. This group has been coming for 30+ years and was first started by the late Glen Dale Sparks. Many of us have watched the young Sparks boys grow up and to become the great adult group they are today. We are all so appreciative of them continuing to bring this “joy” to our residents as they continue with their scheduled times throughout the year.

Other events this week included Sunday afternoon Singing with the Packsaddle Church group, who is also a faithful group that has been coming for many, many years, Reminiscence with Diane Miller, Family Feud game with Haleigh from Mercy Hospice, Haleigh comes once a month to bring a different activity for our residents to enjoy, Singing with Temple Baptist Church group, who is also one of those 20+ years group, they also send Birthday Cards with a little surprise inside each month by Laura Bass to each one of our residents on their birthday date. Big smiles are always seen when each one opens their card with the surprise and also reads the beautiful birthday wish & verse.

Other activities included Nail painting with Alex, Bingo on Wednesday & Friday afternoon with Volunteer Doyle Wayne helping call the bingo numbers. Ball Practice, Resident Council, Worship with Larry Justice another of our faithful ministers who has been coming for several years, Morning crafts, Day Room fun and our Special Wednesday morning activity of “Ring it”. It didn’t take Alex, my Activity Assistant, long to get the game all set up and get everyone lined up to see if they could get the rings around the “little guy”. We have some pretty good “ringers” and at the end of the game we gave a blue mouse dressed in a July outfit to the one who got the most rings. Florain Valentine won the Mouse for getting the most rings around the “little guy”.

“Thanks” goes out to all who have been dropping off the wonderful magazines for our resident readers as well as the bingo prizes. We never get too many prizes to help fill our prize cart.

In closing our deepest sympathy goes out to Sharon Rice & family for the passing of her dad, Jim Currier. Mr. Jim as many of us called him will be greatly missed, especially the beautiful smile that he was usually wearing when you met him. Sharon has been a very loving and supportive family member during the time Jim has been with us. Our thoughts and prayers will be with her and the family during the many sad days ahead.

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