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Article by Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Above, Common Thread Blue Grass group entertain residents at Waldron Nursing Center.

Waldron Nursing Center Residents are still talking about how good the Blue Grass singing was by “The Common Thread” group. In the group was jerry & Vickey Walker of Central City, Ar., Harold & Marie Walker –Tahlequah, OK. , Fred & Janiece Webb-Dayton, AR.,Harley & Cindy Vinsant-Greenwood, AR., Inia & Mallory Jordan-Greenwood, Trudy Humphries-Amity, AR., Harold & Joyce Bolton, _Mansfield, AR. who always schedule the group for me. We are always so appreciative of Joyce helping to get the group scheduled as they residents really love to hear when this group  comes during the local Turkey Track sessions.

Other events were Sunday singing with Winfield Baptist group, Reminiscence with Diane Miller, Ice Cream social with our good Volunteers, Doyle Wayne, Chris Davis & Mae all helping Alex. Nail painting, Movie with popcorn, Bingo on Wednesday and Friday afternoon, Doyle Wayne helped call the bingo numbers, Red hat Meeting, Morning Crafts with Volunteer Pat Morales helping out. Our Special Wednesday activity was a Father’s Day Party honoring all of our fathers along with our special guys that didn’t have children but wee honored with a Certificate. The dietary Department made a very delicious cake and decorated it in honor of the guys. Kellow Holland received a Razorback cap for being the oldest dad at the party. Jimmy Mize received a great wrist watch for being the youngest dad present.

“Thanks” goes out to all who have been bringing all of the magazines and paper back books for our resident readers to enjoy. Also for the stuffed animals and other items for our bingo cart. Remember if you have it and can’t use it or don’t want it just pass it on to be put in the bingo cart or other activities where they can get prizes and brighten up our residents day.

In closing our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Ansel Phelan. He was truly loved by all who knew him. Our thoughts and prayers will be with the family in the many sad days ahead.

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