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Article by Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Above, Waldron Nursing Center Residents and Dalton Place Tenants enjoy a day of fishing together sponsored by the Arkansas Game & Fish Staff.

Waldron Nursing Center residents are still talking about the wonderful time they had going fishing at Sodie Davidson Park, there were eighteen residents in all that went with the assistance from several staff members helping them at the event along with all of the Game & Fish folks that were on hand to help out. It was a very successful event and residents are looking forward to doing it again.  There is a whole wall full of photos on our photo wall so if anyone wants to take a look at the “joy” this event brought to our residents just stop by to take a look at the photos. We can never express enough “Thanks” to the Game & fish along with everyone else who had any part helping with this event.  We also have a lot of photos of the Carriage Ride and the fun that everyone had along with the great cook-out that Connie in Dietary did while everyone was waiting for their turn to ride. Steve & Sandy Tull will truly be blessed also for hosting this event for our residents.

Other activities was Sunday Services with James Self, singing with packsaddle Church, Temple Baptist group, Larry Justice Church, Brother David Hines & members, Special Trivia game with Heleigh from Mercy Hospice, Bingo with Doyle Wayne and Pat Morales helping Alex out at the games. The special event this week of “Do It” certainly kept Alex on his toes as each one attending drew out a slip that told them what they had to “do”. There was a lot of laughter going on as some had to sing a song, recite a poem, make a funny face, just to name a few. This is an activity that the residents really like when it is scheduled on occasion along with the group getting into the spirit of singing “Ol McDonald” and making all of the animal sounds as the activity was winding down. Everyone also received a tootsie pop to munch on, there is nothing like candy to make everyone happy.

In closing I wanted to say “Thanks” to all who made my “39 again” Birthday a great day, I have such a wonderful group of co-workers, family and friends who made my day special for me with all the nice gifts, delicious cake and friendship sharing along with all of the Birthday Wishes from the residents.

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