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Article By Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Residents had a wonderful Easter celebration with lots of folks making sure their week was bright. Referencing the above image, an Easter bunny photo pose-up with Paul Davis as he participated in the “Easter egg” hunt.

The Tyson workers sent a huge box of different colored bunnies with a marshmallow candy attached to each one. Then the Easter Bunny arrived all decked out in costume and helped pass the bunnies to each resident as well as a pretty colored egg filled with candy compliments of Waldron Nursing Center. On top of that each resident was able to get their photo taken with the Easter Rabbit. Along with our annual Easter egg hunt down the hallways with different staff members helping the residents push their wheelchairs as they looked for the eggs.  Prizes were given to those residents who found the lucky prize eggs and to the one who found the most eggs.

Our resident photo wall is filled to the brim with all of these wonderful photos along with the Residents having an Easter hat Show. So if you want to see some bright smiles and great “joy” just stop by to view this wall and see for yourself how much “joy” these activities brought to our residents. Waldron Nursing Center Residents are also looking forward to spring being here and getting to go out to the patio area when the weather is nice. Some residents have been able to go out on the days that it is warm in the afternoon and enjoy the sunshine along with a domino game with Alex.

Residents have been busy with scheduled events of Sunday services with James Self, Pat Ray Biggs, Mike Shaddon, Reminiscence with Diane Miller & Joann Black,this is something that our residents really enjoying talking about the different topics that she brings each time. Denea always had a big group gathered and waiting for her when she arrives to start the session. Bingo on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon , Singing with the Packsaddle group, Trivia with Haleigh from Mercy Hospice , Singing with Temple Baptist group, Movie night with Alex with hot buttered popcorn.


Visiting Nursing Students, WNC housekeeping staff & Nurse Aids show the residents how to do some of the new dance steps.

It was also reported that the Sparks boys and group did a great job with the Blue Grass singing when they came for their scheduled time, nail painting on Tuesday and Saturday morning, puzzle mania, worship with Ray Jett, Worship with Larry Justice, morning crafts with Volunteer Pat Morales helping out with the project. They really made some cute baskets using multi colored cups at the last craft session. Thanks to Pat who also brings some of the projects that they do on Friday morning. Batter ball, cooking and our special activity of “Horse Shoes” & “Critter Ball”.

Also there was much entertainment going on in the Day Room featuring the Nursing Students that was there for their training classes and our nurse aids & housekeepers all doing some of the fun dances for the residents.

As a reminder again it won’t be long until “Voting Time”. We always encourage our alert residents to use their voting right at this time. Family members are encouraged to assist us in helping make sure their loved one is still registered to vote and to assist with taking them to the polls or helping pick up their ballot if needed. We have certain guidelines we have to meet here at the Nursing Center to make sure that all residents who wish to vote are allowed to do this.


Alex Carter, Activity Assistant, elected as “employee of the month”.

Congratulations goes out to Kansas Hunt and Alex Carter for being elected as “employee of the month”. Along with  their plaque they received $100. in cash.

“Thanks” goes out to Wanda Scott, Riley Broussard, Maddyson Sanders for the wonderful stuffed animals for our bingo games. To all who have brought the paper back books and magazines this week.

In closing we send our deepest sympathy to the families of Judy Hines & Ruby Phillips. They  will be missed by all of us here at the Nursing Center. Our thoughts will be with the family over the many sad days ahead.

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