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Article by Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Pictured above, Jolene Beaty (left) Nurse Aid, elected as “employee of the month,” and Autumn Wilson (right) Nurse aid – afternoon shift, along with her “employee” plaque received $100.00 in cash.

Waldron Nursing Center resident Valentine holders are up beside each resident door and waiting to be filled. Residents have also been working on getting their personal Valentines signed and made during the morning craft activity to be given to fellow residents. Hopefully everyone in the community, clubs and different groups will help us fill the holders as this is such an enjoyment for our residents to check out their holders daily to see if they have received any new cards. I received a large package from Oleta Goodner Lewis, Cabot, AR.  through the mail to put in the holders. So if anyone wants to send the Valentines in bulk to me just address it to me at the Activity Department, P.O. Box 2230 Waldron, Ar. 72958 and I will be glad to put them in the holders. Be sure to sign your name on the back of the cards because the residents wants to know who they are from.

We will be having a Valentine Party and choosing a King & Queen for the party. This will be determined by who gets the most votes from the Voting box that will be located at the Nurse Station. After the votes are all counted the winners will be announced at the party.

It is also time to elect a new 2018 Queen to participate in the District II Queen Pageant the 22nd of February. The pageant will be held at the Bell Park Pavilion again this year at 6:30 PM in Greenwood, AR. We are excited to be entering the contest again this year and will be announcing our elected Queen during the Queen Tea held here at the Nursing Center Feb. 8th at 2:00 PM. We will be introducing our Queen to everyone after the Tea and crowing of the new Queen on this date. Our last year Ms. Waldron  Nursing Center Queen, Norma Jo Williams has done us proud and she will be crowing the new incoming Queen at the Queen Tea. There are usually 10-12 different Nursing Homes or Assisted Living residents participating in the Pageant. There can only be one contestant per facility. The winner of this pageant will go on to compete in the State Pageant held in the Spring.

Other activities enjoyed was Singing with the Packsaddle group, Bingo on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon with Denea & Alex helping out, Volunteer Pat Morales was also here to help residents with their cards. Nail painting, Trivia Quizes, a favorite of our residents, movie night with Alex, Fun with Denea, Resident council and lots of word search puzzles and adult coloring pages. Our Special Activity this week was “Knock “em down” with Alex getting the game set up and bringing the big gun out for the residents to try their luck at “knocking” all of the stacked cups down.  The activity on Wednesday morning of “pop the balloon” was well attended with a number winning one of the beautiful hand made scarves that had been put up for a prize. Alex and Denea had the activity all ready to go and residents were lined up to try their luck at popping one of the balloons that Alex had attached in a big circle with a number on the outside of one of the colorful balloons. Then residents began trying their luck at popping one of the balloons to see if they had been lucky enough to win one of the beautiful scarves.

The monthly birthday party honoring our February birthday residents, Robert Merrow, Verna Harmon, Judy Hines and Gladys Thompson who will be 103 years young.  Big Thanks goes out to Winnie Tharpe, Juanita Barnett, Lucy Wright and Evelyn Howard for the beautiful hand made lap throws and scarves that was used in the “pop the balloon” game.   “Congratulations” goes out to our two employees for being elected as “employee of the month,” Jolene Beaty & Autumn Wilson.

In closing we are sorry to report due to someone letting the flu bug in on Thursday afternoon we are now in mask mode.  You always hear of “who let the dog’s out” now we are reciting ” who let the flu bug in”.  Hopefully the bug won’t stay around long as all staff is busy trying to chase it out.  Unless you absolutely have to visit it would be a good time to just call to check on your loved one and not pickup any “flu bugs” to take home to your family there. If you feel you have to visit please pickup a mask at the front entrance and use the hand sanitizer as you enter and leave the building.

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