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Story by Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Pictured above, Photo: 1. Denea Eslick, Activity Assistant, gives some pointers on how to play the game of Hockey before the activity began.

Our hearts are truly sad this by the loss of our employee’s loved ones. Connie Kirkendoll, dietary Manager,Cheyenne McDaniel, Dietary worker, with the loss of a husband & Dad, Richard Kirkendoll . Laura Kluthe, our Nurse in the loss of her brother, Chris Williams, and Uncle of Hannah Whitney, nurse aid. Margie Barker, Housekeeping department, in the loss of her husband Lloyd Barker. Nurse Amenda Naylor in  the loss of her dad, Donnie Jones. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of these employees at this sad time in their lives.

We are proud to report at this writing that “thanks” to everyone we still do not have flu. We only had the one case that didn’t last but a few days. We are still asking everyone to help protect our residents by using a mask if you have any kind of cold symptoms or have been around anyone with them as well as using the hand sanitizer located at the main entrance when you enter and again when you leave. Activities have been ongoing as usual with only a few cancelations from some who have had sickness in their group.  We also never ask groups to come if the weather is bad and travel is difficult or anyone  in their group has been sick. Just give me a call so I can announce the cancelation to the residents. We are so blessed with all of the groups, individuals, Churches and others who come to help bring “joy” to our residents with their services.


A vote for McFadden is a vote for ALL people!

I am happy to announce we have two new wonderful young Volunteers, Illeana Reyes and Joshua Strong, who have joined us with helping out with the many group activities. These two young people are such a delight to our residents as well as our regular Volunteers who help us out. Pat Morales is on hand often to help us out with the craft activities. We have been missing Doyle Wayne & Karen but  hope they will be back on board soon.

Activities enjoyed this week with my great Assistants, Alex Carter & Denea Eslick, was Reminiscence with Diane, Table games, lots of art work to get winter scenes to post on the art wall, our residents who do the art work are really doing a great job of helping us keep the art work changed out, Trivia games, Worship services with Mike Shaddon, ball practice, red hat meeting, bingo on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon with our wonderful Volunteers helping out with the games, Alex and Denea took the residents out to the patio area for a game on Wednesday afternoon while the weather was warm. This is the first time they have gotten to spend some time on the patio in a bit due to the cold weather. The craft group made some really cute snowmen on Tuesday during the craft activity. Batter Ball on Saturday afternoon, nail painting along with other events. Speaking of snow men the residents really had a fun time with the snow ball fight along with some great photo pose-ups with the snow man. After the game everyone who had attended got their name in the basket for one of the three door prizes. Winners from the draw was Paul Davis, Dorothy Shepard and Dianne Brennan. This  weeks special event of snow bowling was also a bit hit with many of the residents knocking down a lot of the pins on the first try along with the Special activity of “Hockey”. Winning the prizes from the door prize draw was Paul Davis & Janis Hull.

Thanks also goes out to Marie Payton for all of the wonderful bingo prizes she brought us.

Our deepest sympathy also goes to the family of Ellen McMillian. Ellen was a beautiful lady and loved by all who know her. Our thoughts and prayers will be with her family in the many sad days ahead.

In closing it will soon be Valentine’s Day and the Valentine Holders will be outside each resident door on the 1st just waiting to be filled. It would be greatly appreciated by anyone who would like to help fill the holders. We just use the student type Valentines.

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