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Article by Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Pictured above, a candle being lit in memory of Paul Laird by family members.

Waldron Nursing Center Residents have had the best Christmas ever with lots of groups visiting, singing carols and passing out cards and gifts to all residents.

The Annual Memory Parade remembering all residents who had passes away in 2017. Several family members of these residents were on hand to carry their portrait in the Parade down the hallway as well as lighting a candle in their memory during the program.

Being remembered was Krista Barker,Henry Bell Thompson, Maxine Williams, Vergie Simpson, Evelyn Ammons, Annabelle Bottoms, Freda Carter, Mary Nell Sigman, James Avance, Wilma Jones, Kelly Langley, Beverly Hon, Madie Plum, Lanny Richmond, Gary Leming, Jean Plummer, Chester Robertson,Paul Laird, Dan Lambert, Ora Dean Roseberry, Loreida parish, George Harrod, Carol Bloom, Jimmy Sims, John Clopton, Jana Dickinson, Patricia Turner and Richard Lyons.

Hospice staff from Peach Tree Hospice, Mercy Hospice, Ouachita Hospice was all on hand to help us with the program, reading of “First Christmas in Heaven” “When I am gone” by Fanta Gibson, Alex Carter reading each resident name as their loved one, staff, friend or Hospice staff came forward to light the candle in their memory. Peach Tree Chaplin closed the program with a prayer and then everyone enjoyed the refreshments provided by Peach Tree. The photos of these past residents will be kept on display on the wall leading to the Resident dining room for a few more weeks.

Other events included visits from the Waltreak Methodist Church Youth Sunday School Class passing out cards and spending time with different residents reading a Christmas story to them, Mercy Hospice, Haleigh, did an activity of Trivia games with prizes to the winners, Reminiscence with Diane Miller consisted the building of the Ginger Bread House Kit that had been donated by Beverly, Nurse Aid, along with some favorite Christmas memories as the group worked on the project, Our Veterans was honored with Christmas Gifts from Nathan Roth, Marine VA Rep.  from Mena, Country By Heart 4-H club members, Mansfield, AR. brought beautiful hand made cards to all residents, Ms. Hunts Class, came by to sing Christmas Carols for the residents, Marsha’s Angel Feather’s Workshop donated some beautiful lap throws for selected residents, Winfield Baptist Church made the residents day with a box of delicious apples and oranges, which I am in the process of finishing the slicing and passing of the fruit to all residents who want them, the first round was completed on Friday morning and I will finish the rest this week.

There is nothing that the residents like best is the fresh sliced fruit ready to start eating. The Football Team delighted the residents with passing cards and visiting with them for a while, The Resident  “Joy Tree” was a huge success, Thanks so much to all who helped with the gifts along helping out with the program, “Thanks to Sharon Rice for playing the piano, Diane Miller for reading the Christmas story, Pat Morales & the resident choir for helping sing the Christmas songs as well as Alex Carter reading the “Night Before Christmas”. A true delight before the program was the arrival of a small pony all dress up in Christmas attire with Anne Matthews, Assistant Director of Nurses, taking the pony around so each one could get a turn at petting it.


Waldron Foot Ball Team, Ethan Powell, Seth Hunt, Carson Cain, Rick Hinojosa, David Lashbrook, Eric Parkhurst, Jarrod Starr, Dalton Sanders, B J Cagle, Paul Davis, Riley Shupert, Bradley Smith, Matthew Sexton, Elijah Polen and Jace Black deliver Christmas cards and visits with residents.

One big event was the arrival of the Carriage Ride, sponsored by Sandy & Steve Tull, Weigh Tech, this is one great activity that the residents enjoy during the Christmas Season. The Sparks boys, Roger & group was also on hand to do some more of the great Blue grass singing and playing.


Residents enjoying the Carriage Ride to see the Christmas lights.

We have also had some wonderful donations for our resident activities by the BPW Club members, Packsaddle Church Members,  Martin Funeral Home who helped out with the purchase of Joy Tree Gifts as well as beautiful calendars for our resident rooms, Pleasant Hill EH Club with a big box of items for our bingo games, donation from Larry Horn in loving memory of Delores Horn. Appreciation is also expressed by the staff who have enjoyed the goodies that have been left in appreciation of the care their loved ones receive.

In closing I can’t say enough “thanks” to all who have helped make this such a great Christmas for our Residents and I am sure you will continue to be Blessed throughout the coming year.

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