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Article by Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Pictured above, Ms. Powell’s art students paint fall scenes on the doors at Waldron Nursing Center to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holidays.

Waldron Nursing Center residents, staff and family who visit are certainly enjoying the wonderful fall art work that Ms. Powell’s art classes did on all the entrance doors of the Nursing Center, in the group was Josh Price, Gerardo Lopez, Mariah Quick, Charley Slagle, Caleb Starcher, Emmanuel Cedeno, Chendler R. Zinnia Ledesmo, Riley Ingle, Eva Beck, Jasmine Manning, Jessie Gurrero, Brittany White, Desiree Poor, Mystri M. Tori Woodard, Andrea Libby, Mia S., Cemercy H. Levi Kastl, Cassandra B. Kelli Adamson, Danielle Underwood, Leia Carnley, Jackie Martinez, Nick Alvarez, Jordan Black, and Javier Martinez. We have received so many compliments about this great art work that these classes did.
In getting ready for Thanksgiving the residents also enjoyed a “turkey hunt” which was played along the same lines as the egg hunt. Alex got busy sticking the turkey cut outs all around the nursing center hallways and other areas. Then the residents gathered at the starting line outside the day room to start gathering the Turkeys, all other animals that had been mixed in for the game didn’t count. Winners of the turkey hunt were given prizes for finding the most turkeys or finding the prize turkeys. Everyone said they had a great time and are looking forward to our December activity of “Helping Santa find his reindeer”. Denea was also a great help in helping some of the residents in the wheelchairs look for the Turkeys as she pushed their chair along the hallways in whatever location they wanted to look. My Volunteer, Virginia, is getting tinder fingers from all the cutting out she has been doing of turkeys and reindeer. Other events have been Singing with Winfield Baptist, Church services with David Hines, Ray Jett , James Self, Larry Justice and Temple Baptist group. The Ouachita Regional Hospice group was on hand to do a trivia activity with the residents along with bringing some delicious cupcakes for everyone to munch on. Reminiscence with Diane Miller, Bingo on Wednesday and Friday afternoon, lots of crafts and nail painting. The residents have also been working on an art work table cloth that is now hung on the wall leading into the dining room along with a “Thankful” tree displaying different colored leaves with what each one is “thankful” for. Alex has been spending a lot of time with each resident getting their leaves ready for the tree.
Our special activity this week was “Be a Pilgrim” which has been an annual event for quiet a few years. The residents really enjoy getting dressed in the pilgrim robes and different bonnets for the ladies and the stove pipe Pilgrim hat for the men. The photo wall Is quiet a busy place at the time as everyone is stopping by to have a look at our delightful Pilgrims.
The dietary department is also doing the “family style Thanksgiving lunch” so if family members are not taking your loved one home for lunch at their homes please feel free to come and have lunch with your loved one at the Nursing Center. Just give Connie a call or stop by the dietary department and let her know you will be a guest for Thanksgiving lunch at noon with your family member.
In closing I have been receiving several calls to schedule different Christmas events for the residents. There is always room for groups to come, just give me a call and speak to me direct so I can get the schedules arranged.

Denea Eslick, Activity Assistant, does a pose up by the finished art work the residents did on the Thanksgiving Table cloth that is now hung on the wall for everyone to admire.

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