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Article by Christine Lees LSW/ADC
Referencing above picture, the Booneville Senior Citizen Support Stocking Revue dancers entertain residents of Waldron Nursing Center.
Waldron Nursing Center residents are getting geared up for passing out the candy to all of the young ones in our community on Treat giving night October 31st. Our doors for the treat giving will be opened at 6 PM to receive the young ones. We will not be opening the doors earlier because we have to give our residents time to eat their evening meal and get set up outside their door with the treat buckets. The designated route will be posted again this year directing the traffic down the two hallways where the residents will be seated. This makes the treating run in an orderly fashion for everyone. You may line up outside prior to six but be assured the treaters will not be allowed inside until the clock reaches 6 PM. The residents will treat until 8:00 PM or all of the candy is gone which ever comes first. We appreciate all of the corporation that everyone has shown in the past years. Several of the family members have been dropping off bags of candy for their loved ones to give out and this certainly helps out a lot. We are appreciative of anyone who wishes to help us make this a “joyful” night for our residents. There is nothing to compare to the joy that our residents show as the little ones march by them to receive a treat all dressed in their different costumes. Remember that the Kindergarten classes will also be coming at 9:00 am on the same date to do their fall program. Anyone is invited to come and see their little ones perform in the program.
Congratulations goes out to Betty Hunt-Housekeeping Department, for being elected as “employee of the month’.
The Nursing Center continues to look very “spooky” as Alex finishes decorating the entrance way with lots of scary and big spiders. Our residents love the decorations and have been having a very “big” time posing up with the skeleton man who seems to have a new phrase every time someone is near him. Also “thanks” to Ebie’s flower shop for the beautiful pumpkin wreath they delivered to me this week for my office door. Other activities have been Singing with James Self, Temple Baptist group, Ray Jett and the Booneville Senior Citizen Support Stocking ladies who came for their monthly exercise dances. Residents have also been practicing for the Bean Bag baseball game against Dalton’s Place which will happen on Thursday morning of this week. Our Special  morning activity of “Ring the Pumpkin” was a big hit with Denea and Alex, my two assistants, getting the game underway. Everyone had  a wonderful time with this activity.
This weeks special event was “be a spooky thing” and boy was there some very “spooky” looking residents as they got all dressed for the “spooky” photo session. “Thanks” goes out to all who have brought the bags of candy this week as well as the magazines and stuffed animals for the bingo cart along with our friend who brought me a big stack of 2018 calendars.
Our deepest sympathy goes out to Saber Kizziar, dietary department, for the loss of her dad who lived in Texas. To the family of our resident Jana Dickinson who will be greatly missed.
In closing it won’t be long until the Holiday season is here and I would like to remind everyone to please call and speak to me direct when wishing to schedule any holiday event, this way I get it on the calendar and make sure that everyone that wishes is scheduled.

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