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Story by Christine Lees LSW/ADC
Referencing the above image, “The Dalton Gang” presents the new ball board to Denea Eslick, Activity Assistant, prior to the game between Dalton Gang VS  WNC Twisters.
What a great time of competition between Waldron Nursing Center “The Twisters” and “The Dalton Gang” from Dalton’s Place Assisted Living. The Dalton Gang arrived early and were ready to begin playing ball in the resident dining room at WNC.  First off they had brought a brand new ball board to present to us along with the rice balls that Judy Cheesman had made to go with the game board. Their maintenance guy, Thomas,  at Dalton’s Place had made the beautiful board for us. We are so appreciative of his time and work spent in making the board. Playing on the “Dalton Gang” team was Jessie Garrett, Janet Ferguson, John Stefan, Judy Cheesman, Margie Key, Judy Coyle, Van Hattabaugh, Frances Hunt, Dorcie Crumpton, Audrey Crockett, Peggy Boswell, Richard Dragoo, Lenora Smith and Joe PLum. Playing on the Waldron Nursing Center team was Jo Williams, Mr. Patel, Joyce Leslie, Vester Hutchens, Antoy Weiche, Kelley Huie, Paul Davis, Hattie Thomas, Willard Perkins, Virginia Yandell, Dianne Brennan, Johna Rich, Barbara Hay and Joann Darrow. Sadly to say the Dalton Gang won the game and took the trophy back home until we replay them again next month at their place. After the game was over everyone was invited to stay for lunch and our residents got in some wonderful visiting with all of their friends while enjoying the delicious lunch from our Dietary Department. Everyone had a choice of ordering off the menu or ordering the daily special. Thanks so much to the staff of Dalton’s Place for helping everyone have this day of great fun along with our staff, Connie & staff in the Dietary Department for preparing the delicious lunch and Alex and Denea assisting with the game as well as the Dalton Place staff that came to help out. This “Bean Ball” activity will continue to be a monthly event with trading places every other month.
Other activities this week was the return of the Booneville Senior Citizen Support Stocking Revue dancers for their monthly schedule. We have missed them since the spring time when school ended and they had to do some grannie sitting. They always return in the fall  after school starts back. In the group was Phyllis, Joy, Joan,Connie, Marsha, Shirley and Darlene. Our residents really enjoy this group and participating in some of the dance exercises that they do. We had church services with James Self, Temple Baptist group and  Ray Jett along with our regularly scheduled group events.
Big Thanks goes out to Lukas & Keegan Moad for the great stuffed animals for our Bingo games.
In closing our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of John Ed Clopton. John has been with for sometime and will be sorely missed by all of us employees at the Nursing Center.

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