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Article by Christine Lees LSW/ADC
Waldron Nursing Center Queen and Maids getting prepared to ride on the Nursing Center float during the homecoming parade.
Waldron Nursing Center Residents, myself and Alex Carter my Assistant welcomes Denea Eslick to our Activity Department. Denea will be my second Assistant in the Department and comes with lots of experience in Healthcare. She is also a Nurse Aid and has been working at Waldron Nursing Center for quiet a while. She is very caring toward our residents and also has great talent with creative ideas to compliment Alex’s many different activity ideas, Denea is also talented in drawing which will be a great asset in our department.
We will all be attending the Activity Fair in Hot springs later in the month where we will get lots of training as well as new ideas for Activities. Activities scheduled this past week has been well attended with lots of fun going on. One of the big outside activities was our Queen, Norma Jo Williams and her Maidens court, Barbara Hay, Gertrude Shelton, Judy Hines, Patricia Turner, Dianne Brennan and Joann Darrow all participating in the down town Homecoming parade. The ladies all looked very beautiful in their lovely gowns riding on the Nursing Center float in the parade. The Tail gate party that was held in front of  the Nursing Center prior to the parade was also a big hit. The dietary Department provided hot dogs with the fixings while different employees brought finger foods to help top off the meal. Thanks to all who helped with this event for the Residents.
Other activities included Singing with Winfield Baptist group, Reminiscence with Diane Miller, Special activity with Ouachita Regional Hospice ladies, Table games, Over the Hill Gang was also here for some more of their great singing, scrap book, Red hat meeting with Joyce Leslie being chosen as “Queen Bee” for the month during the Red Hat Busy Bee meeting, nail painting and batter ball. The Special activity of “Ladder Ball” was a big success with a very large group of residents attending. Alex and Denea reported that everyone had a great fun time at this activity while I was away for the monthly activity meeting held in Fort Smith. Thanks to both of them for the good job they did and for taking wonderful photos of the residents participating in this event to put on the photo wall near the Business Office. At any given time visitors, family and residents can be seen viewing these photos. Also “Thanks” to my right hand volunteer, Virginia Simpson, who gets all of these photos displayed on the walls each week after the events.  Bingo on Wednesday and Friday afternoon this week with our other wonderful volunteers Doyle Wayne Dickens and Pat Morales helping out. Pat also helps out with our crafts each week. Our residents are still enjoying the word search and adult coloring pages that are passed each morning as well as the Trivia Quizes that Alex keeps them busy with.
In closing please remember if you have any stuffed animals that you don’t want we are in great need of them for the bingo cart as this is one of the favorite prizes of our residents. Just drop them off at the Activity Department and bring some very big smiles to the Bingo players face when they see them in the prize cart.

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