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Story by Christine Lees LSW/ADC |
Activity Assistant, Alex Carter gets a pay back with a shaving cream filled balloon during the special activity of “pop it”.
Waldron Nursing Center has been having great fun with all of the different activities scheduled. It was found that we have lots of residents with hidden talents during our resident talent show activity, Barbara Hay can whistle a tune, Joyce Leslie can sing along with Robert Simmons, Barbara Hay and Betty Stafford singing “You are my sunshine”.  Betty Staffard also played the piano and everyone sang “Amazing Grace”. Edward Doak showed off his skills of “card tricks”.  Everyone really enjoyed the show along with the delicious ice cream cones provided by Connie from the Dietary Department. Residents also made the tee shirt bags again and decorated them with their names and whatever design they wished to put on them. Alex Carter, my wonderful Assistant, has also been keeping everyone busy with different types of events of crafts, ball exercises, word search and the adult art pages. He makes the rounds each morning with the cart to pass out the puzzles, art pages and magazines as well as collecting the finished pages to put on the art wall leading into the resident dining room.
Other events included Sunday singing with Rick Byce, Winfield Baptist group, Reminiscence with Dianne Miller, Bingo on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon with our Volunteers, Doyle Wayne & Pat Morales all helping out at the games. We are in desperate need of more volunteers for the bingo games so if anyone has a spare hour and would like to help out at the games please give me a call or stop by the Activity office. Bingo is one of the favorites of a large group that attends two to three times weekly. Pat Morales is also a big help at the craft activities. Nail painting, Trivia & coffee, Birthday celebrating our September birthdays-Betty Stefan, Donald Marcus, Gertrude Shelton, Bulah Daily, Hattie Thomas, Louise Waters and Jim Currier. A delicious birthday cake was provided by the dietary department. Betty’s family also gave her a private party in the Family room over the week-end. Families are always welcome to host special parties for their loved ones, just give me a call and tell me the date and time so I can put it on my calendar. Worship services with Pat Ray Biggs, Temple Baptist singers, some more of the great “Blue grass” singing with the Sparks Boys and group. The residents reported that they all had a wonderful time and that the group was great with the toe tapping music as always.
Our special activities of ” POP it” and “Slam & Score” was a real hit with the large group of residents that attended. Now Alex got a bit sneaky with filling up the balloons to be popped and filed some of them with shaving crème.
Several also had a prize slip inside the balloon. Charolette helped with getting the  balloons numbered and then the numbers was placed in a basket for each one to draw out when it was their turn to play so no one knew who was going to get the shaving crème ones until the number was drawn. There was much laughter and squeals as the balloon was popped and the shaving crème started showering out, residents who had drawn the number of these balloons was provided with a plastic cover to protect their clothing but it didn’t seem to phase any of them to get a bit of the shaving cream on themselves with the special ending of the game with Alex being set up with a balloon over his head while Dianne Brennan popped it so he would get the full effect. It was a great time for all. Then the Slam & Score was quiet a challenge with the new game to try to bounce the three balls off the floor and get them to land in the numbered slots of the game board.
We are sorry to report that Charolette is transferring to a new job closer to her home and will be missed by all who knew her while she was with us. I will be announcing my new assistant in the near future.
We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Holiday. Connie & staff in the dietary department held a great cook out for all of the residents. Since the weather has been so nice several of the residents have been getting to spend more time outside in the patio area.
A big “thanks” goes out to all who have been bringing the magazines and books by. We have lots of readers now.
In closing we are also in desperate need of stuffed animals for our bingo games. As this is a favorite prize of many, so if anyone has them and would like to donate them please just drop them off here by the Activity Department.

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