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Article by Christine Lees LSW/ADC

Referencing above image, Dalton’s Place Assisted Living Tenants VS Waldron Nursing Center residents in a game of bean bag base

Waldron Nursing Center residents and staff all enjoyed the great event of watching the Eclipse. Residents all gathered around the television areas in the day room or dining room area to watch the moon as it got closer to the sun. Several were watching it on their personal televisions in their room. Some of the staff were lucky enough to get a look first hand using my Eclipse glasses or others that had viewing devices. It was a great topic for many of the residents for the day. Some had the event copied to their personal phones from employees that had taken photos using my glasses over their camera lense.

Stephanie Midgett and Sorena Lloyd of Ouachita Regional Hospice plays the game of “Family Feud” with Waldron Nursing Center Residents.

Other events of the past week was a special show down of Bean bag Base ball between Dalton’s Place Assisted living Tenants and residents of Waldron Nursing Center. Dalton’s Place Activity Director had invited us to their place for a baseball play off. They won the game by two points. Next month they will come to our place for another play off game.  This activity will be held once a month with trade off of where the event will be taking place.  Our residents are loving this new event.  Church services with Winfield Baptist, James Self, Ken Overturf, Ray Jett, Temple Baptist group, Larry Justice, Reminiscence with Dianne, Charlotte filled in for her one day while she had to be out of pocket. The residents look forward to this event every week. The Ouachita Regional  Hospice ladies, Stephanie Midgette and Sorena Koyd were here to do a special activity of “Family Feud”. The residents were really excited to play this game and some discovered that they were really good at guessing the answers. Each month they bring something different to do with the residents. Nail painting, round table, or Trivia which is a new event with Alex and Charlotte. The residents can hardly wait to get going with these new events as it keeps them thinking. Bingo on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon with our great volunteers assisting, Doyle Wayne and Pat Morales. some great craft projects have also been done. Several painted and made designs on the little cloth bags that I got in Fort Smith. Every one had great fun at the “Dress up” activity of wearing different hats and glasses along with the special activity of “ring it”. Geraldine Carter won the big bear that was offered as a door prize after the game was over. Ice Cream Cones and a talent show featuring our residents with hidden talents. We soon discovered that Betty Stafford can play the piano as well as sing.
These are just some of the fun things that our residents are keeping busy with. Thanks to all who have brought the magazines and paper back books. Residents are still enjoying them as well as the word search puzzles and art pages that Alex and Charlotte pass out to the rooms each day.
In closing we are so thankful for all of the wonderful things that our friends of the community do for us.

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