Waldron Little League Chews Up Charleston


A win is good. The first win in your first game of the season is better. A win over a top-notch program like Charleston is great. A win AT Charleston is awesome. But keeping top-notch programs like Charleston scoreless on their own turf in both little league games…..well that’s just a downright WOW! The year 2020 may seem crazy to most folks, but for the LL Bulldogs, beating the big-time teams of old is going to be the new norm. Waldron Little League Football is growing from mere puppies on the field to the Big Dogs of little league football.

The Bulldog 3rd and 4th Grade kicked things off last Saturday. Once the clock started in the game, time was the only thing standing in the way of Waldron as they poured it on the Charleston Tigers with a 24-0 final score. The Bulldogs defense dug a deep hole for any Charleston player who carried the football. Offensively, Waldron had the Tigers by the tail all game long. The Bulldog backs and receivers mowed up yards better than any zero-turn mower on the market and turned around in the end zone just to go the other way and do it again.

Waldron’s 5th and 6th Grade had quite the challenge as they faced off against the Tigers who were the 2019 runner-ups in the league. That was last year though. The Bulldogs made certain that Charleston would wind up as runner-ups in their first game of the season as the Bulldogs rolled over Charleston 12-0. Waldron’s defense went from just Bulldogs to Bullmonsters as they shut down the Tiger’s potent offense. Big hits were the name of the game and Waldron gave haymakers all night long. The Bulldogs offense didn’t rack up a million points against the stiff Charleston defense, but they crossed the end zone twice giving them the 12-0 go-ahead victory.

Jarrod Kluthe said “The 3rd and 4th grade are a very solid team with great hopes for this season. They have all of the tools for the job and I really think they can clean house this year. The 5th and 6th grade team has had a whole different view of the future after being a young group last season and taking some licks. The 6th graders have come out strong as leaders being more motivated and physical. They look to be the one delivering the licks this season.”

It’s hard to beat a Week 1 win over a big-time program, but don’t think that the wins are going to Waldron’s head. They are focused and prepared for a full season of tough opponents. The Orange and Black are ready to attack all who cross their path. Next up, the Bulldogs will host Paris on September 19 at Sawyer Wright Field and look to make a comfortable feather pillow of the Little League Eagles. The 3rd and 4th Grade will play at 6:00 pm and the 5th and 6th Grade will play at 7:00 pm.

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