Waldron K-9 Officer Aids in Two Arrests


Catlett Feeds supports the Waldron Police Department by donating dog food for K-9 Officer Pepe. Pictured from left: Herbert Catlett, Officer/Handler Omar Gonzalez and Archie Jewell.

Waldron Police Department’s K-9 Officer Pepe and his handler, Officer Omar Gonzalez have had a busy month. The pair have managed to capture two criminals who have long eluded the police.

“We had been looking for this guy for a while,” stated Gonzalez. “We got a tip that he was in the Boles area. On Monday, we finally caught him.”

On scene, Gonzalez announced his presence with a K-9 officer over the PA system. The suspect was then taken into custody without further incident. Pepe’s mere presence assisted in the capture.

In an earlier arrest, Pepe assisted in capturing a suspect who was hidden in a trailer house. “He was hid in a cubby hole,” Gonzalez said. Pepe sniffed him out, and Officer Gonzalez was able to make the arrest.

“Two arrests within a few weeks is outstanding,” said Waldron City Attorney Mark Johnson. “If you see officer Gonzalez be sure you thank him for the work he is doing.”

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Tammy Teague

Tammy Teague

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  1. Kbrewer says:

    Who were the two people the k-9 helped with?

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