Waldron Bulldogs Keep The Faith


When it comes to the game, the Waldron Bulldogs are no stranger to hard work and dedication. On Friday, April 12, the Bulldogs hosted the Charleston Tigers in a conference game but sadly ended taking an 8-1 loss. This puts Waldron at 3-6 in conference play and 3-11 in total season play.

Pitcher Seth Hunt was the player who earned the run for the Bulldogs. He made two hits as well and ended the game throwing 75 pitches to 18 batters striking out six. Also pitching for Waldron was Tyler Owens and Caden Fuller. Tyler lobbed out 97 pitches to 22 batters striking out seven and grabbed one putout. Caden made one putout and slung 17 pitches to five batters striking out one.

Ruben Valdez earned one hit, one steal, and one putout. Braden Williams secured one hit and one runner batted in. Blake Owens made one assist. And Bryson Bailey took one steal. The Bulldogs are back to work tonight in Dover against the 7-11 Pirates at 4:30 p.m.

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