Waldron Archery Ready to “Nock”-n-Roll


This Saturday, January 26, the Waldron High School Top Shot Archery team will head to Bryant Arkansas where they will face off with some of the best high school teams in the state. Each archer will shoot at 10 meters 3 times and 15 meters 3 times. This is strictly hand-eye coordination as there are no sights on the bows.

Archers have to be patient and calm the entire time to shoot a perfect 300. The competition is based on whistle commands that tell the archers what they are supposed to do and at what time. They have a whistle command that tells them when to get their bow, when to shoot, and when they are allowed to go and score their arrows.

“We have been working very hard each week,” says Archery Coach Kristen Atchley. “We share athletes with basketball and cheer but each student has taken the time to get shots in before our competition. Our first flight time is 3:45.” Each flight takes about an hour to shoot.

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