UPDATE: Governor Doesn’t Indicate a Decision is Coming Soon Regarding Fall High School Sports


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Arkansas governor Asa Hutchison briefly referred to media questions in today’s daily press briefing regarding the status of fall high school sports and their possible resumption.

Following questions regarding the face mask mandate, the governor was asked about when a decision was coming regarding fall sports. Referring to the COVID-19 statistics to-date, the governor said, “these are not good numbers.” When asked about a decision on fall sports, the governor explained that “if we want school to be open and want to have sports, we have to wear the masks.”

As of the publication date of this story, it is not known as to when a decision will be announced by Governor Hutchison. Many players, coaches, and athletic directors are growing increasingly concerned about time becoming shorter and shorter with respect to having enough time in August to safely prepare players for the fall seasons. Many are hoping for a July 31 announcement, but, after today’s remarks by the governor, there is certainly no guarantee that will happen.

Stay with Resident Press for more on this story as events occur.

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