Top Areas To Keep Clean in Your Home


We all know that regularly cleaning our homes is crucial to maintaining them. However, it’s still common for homeowners to pay so much attention to the larger sections of their property that smaller areas or items become overlooked. When this happens, germs, bacteria, and dirt are left to further collect—creating an unhealthier environment than you even realize. These are some of the top areas to clean in your home that, all too often, go ignored.

Windows and Curtains

The window areas in a home are essential to providing natural light and a homey aesthetic. Unfortunately, they’re also the number one place for dust and debris to collect. In fact, due to the textures of their materials, fabric curtains and windowsills can gather more of these particles and hold onto them over time. So, washing them regularly is one of the best ways to improve indoor air quality.

The Baby Crib

You also want to be sure you’re frequently cleaning your child’s crib if you have one. Often times, this item goes unnoticed because it’s both difficult to clean and not perceived as a threat. But when allowed to collect dust, cribs can also present a breathing hazard for your child. Fortunately, there are several effective and timely strategies to clean a wooden crib. Not only is this practice healthier for your baby, but the furniture piece itself will hold up much longer as a result.

Door Knobs and Light Switches

Another of the top areas to keep clean in your home are your door knobs and light switches. Whether we notice it or not, we touch these items every day and deposit grime from our hands onto them. Because of this, they’re a prime breeding ground for germs and illnesses alike. Additionally, after we touch them, we’re also spreading these germs to other areas of the house. Regular disinfecting procedures can halt the growth of bacteria and make your home much healthier.

Ceiling Fans

Make sure you also keep your ceiling fans in mind. Because they’re always over our heads, they can be incredibly easy to forget about—making them another place where dust can gather and stay. When you turn these fans on, millions of dust pieces get carried throughout the room. As such, keeping this area under control can help you reduce the amount of dust on other surfaces.

Trash Cans

If there’s any place you must prioritize above the others, it’s certainly the trash can. The trash can is home to more germs than any other part of the house, and this number only grows as the days pass. Therefore, disinfecting it after you take the garbage out is the best way to fight illness-causing bacteria. Cleaning your trash can on a regular basis can also help cut down on the unpleasant smell surrounding it.

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