Tigers Succumb To Charlestons Winning Streak


The Mansfield Tigers fell victim to the Charleston Tigers during Tuesday nights home conference game. Although Mansfield carries an abundance of talent across the roster, it wasn’t enough to pull away from Charlestons lethal attack. The game ended with a score of 13-4. The Tigers now sit 5-8 in total season play and 4-5 in conference.

Layton Howard ended the game with two hits and three assists. Also one of three pitchers, Layton threw 12 pitches to five batters. Seth Fudge acquired two hits, two runners batted in, one putout, and four assists. Also pitching, Seth flung out 43 pitches to 12 batters.

Hayden Henson earned two runs, two hits, one putout, and four assists. Hunter Willsey was the third pitcher for the Tigers with 83 pitches to 25 batters striking out six. He also gained one run, two hits, and three assists. Cody Fudge bagged one hit, one RBI, and six putouts.

Isaac Cothran netted one run, one hit, 10 putouts, and one assist. Nathan Brewer nailed one hit. Tyler Watkins landed two putouts. And Codi Chick grabbed one putout.

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