Tigers Move Past Bearcat Ballpark Blues


It was a tough away game for the Mansfield Tigers last night against the Booneville Bearcats. In this non-conference match-up, the Tigers played with everything they had never backing down no matter how hard it got. Mansfield took a 16-5 loss in this game but are looking to change all of that tonight.

The Bearcats were already up 11 runs by the second inning and the Tigers knew they had to do something. Digging deep down inside, the boys pulled together to deliver five runs in the third inning. Sealing those numbers with one run each was Layton Howard, Hunter Willsey, Cody Fudge, Zach Woolbright, and Nathan Brewer.

Bringing the fans to their feet with their hard-hitting capabilities was Nathan with two hits and Zach, Hunter, and Layton with one. There’s no dandelion picking for these Tigers while out in the field. With a total of 12 putouts were Cody with five, Isaac Cothran with three, Nathan with two, and Zach and Seth Fudge with one each. Combining for five assists were Layton, Hunter, Zach, and Tyler Watkins.

Mansfield was able to get five pitchers some game time during their fifth inning game. Pitching for the seniors were Hunter Willsey, Tyler Watkins, and Seth Fudge. Tyler threw 26 pitches to five batters striking out two. Hunter and Seth each fired 23 pitches to seven batters with Hunter striking out 1. Junior pitcher Layton Howard hurled 16 pitches to 5 batters and sophomore Hayden Henson launched 25 pitches to eight batters striking out two.

With last nights game behind them, the 2-3 Mansfield Tigers are looking forward to staying home tonight and facing the 3-7 Lincoln Wolves with game time starting at 4:30 p.m.

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