Tigers 7th Graders Ready To Show Off Court Skills


By Megan Hecox

The Mansfield 7th grade Tigers are revved-up and ready to roar as their basketball season kicks off in tonight’s game against the Paris Eagles. The 7th Grade girls team is being coached by Coach Joshua Bryan while the 7th Grade boys team is being led by Coach Keith Dake.

The Tigers girls squad has 11 talented players on their roster this season. “I feel this group can compete against any 7th Grade team in our area,” says Coach Bryan. “They are a very energetic and competitive group of girls and I am personally excited to see them take the floor against another team.” Last season the 7th Grade team battled fiercely with Paris and came out on top with a close win. “Now that those 7th Grade athletes are competing in the JR High ranks, we have a chance to witness the next standout class of girls basketball athletes in tonight’s game.” 

The 7th Grade boys team is starting their season with 18 players listed on their roster. Coach Dake is planning on a whirlwind of a season. “7th Grade is a lot of fun but can be fairly chaotic early in the season. Having to get used to the many changes and challenges that come along with taking that first step out of Little League, we must prepare players for the process of getting molded into High School Athletes. That can prove to be very overwhelming at times for both Players and Coaches alike.”  The transition from Little League starts with perfecting fundamentals. Players must perfect their shot form and learn to run new offenses properly. “We have to teach them to create easy scoring opportunities and to take high percentage shots. We have a very athletic group of players to start the season with and are excited to get them on the court.”

The 7th Grade Tigers will be playing their season opener at Mansfield High School tonight, November 7th, against the Paris Eagles with the girls’ team playing first. Tip-off will be at 4:00 pm with the boys’ team to follow.

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