The Lady Bulldogs Let Their Bats Do The Talkin’


With the season almost over, the Waldron Lady Bulldogs have proven that they play for the name on the front of their jerseys, not the back. These girls have faced adversity, doubt, and any other obstacle thrown in their direction with a strength and maturity like no other. Facing Mansfield last night for the second time this season, the Lady Bulldogs once again took the lead and won 11-5.

#45 Jayden Manning and #4 Ashtyn Moore

Waldron put up 9 of their 11 runs in the first three innings alone. Later they added the other two runs in the sixth and seventh innings. Pitching for the Lady Bulldogs was sophomore Ashton Young. She threw 97 pitches to 35 batters striking out two. This game brings Ashton to a season total of 1298 pitches thrown to 424 batters striking out 46. Ashton also made two hits bringing one batter in and one assist.

#22 Ashton Young

Mackinzie Callahan obtained one run, three hits, four runners batted in, three putouts, and one assist. Rheagan Sanford garnered two runs, three hits, three putouts, and four assists. Ashtyn Moore acquired one run, two hits, one RBI, one steal, and one putout. Bayleigh Lipham racked up one run, two hits, seven putouts, and one assist.

#45 Jayden Manning

Saige Mahar snagged three runs, two hits, one steal, and one assist. Whitney Richmond netted one hit and one RBI. Taylor Stacy scored one run, two hits, one RBI, one steal, and two putouts. Kelsey Yother secured one run. And Jayden Manning established one run, five putouts, and one assist.

#00 Mackinzie Callahan

This win now puts Waldron at 7-1 in conference play and 11-5 on the season. The Lady Bulldogs are sitting tied for first place in conference play with the Charleston Lady Tigers. The two teams will face each other for the top spot, this Friday, April 12 at 4:30 p.m. in Waldron. This is a huge game for the Lady Bulldogs so they are asking everyone to come out and show your support.

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