Teague Named Editor of Resident Press


With growth, a widening coverage area and the popularity of consistent community focused content that Resident Press has garnered since their launch three years ago, owners Jason and Lesli Baggett see the bigger picture.

“When Tammy joined our staff, we noticed an immediate change in the direction of our content. RP started as an idea to bring the focus back to the overlooked towns which is where Teague’s heart lies” stated Jason Baggett.

Teague’s passion for the craft of honest, and truthful storytelling is supported by a defined reputation of doing things right from the beginning. She also brings an esteemed history in journalism to her new role.

Her presence in both Resident Press and Resident 22 News is to not only to continue promoting the uniqueness of their content, but also extend her passion and integrity into areas illustrating that both media outlets are “where not all news is bad news.”

“I’ve always believed that to be successful, you have to put together a team of strength, and unity. Teague’s leadership and knowledge will take both RP & R22N to the next level. We have an amazing staff who care about not only the content we publish, but doing it with heart” added Baggett.

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2 Replies to “Teague Named Editor of Resident Press”

  1. ironically, we’ve been asked and ASKED. We would need to find the right people to assist us in covering that area. Thanks for your feedback! – JASON

  2. Kay Moore says:

    Congrats to my niece! Could you possibly add Charleston to your coverage. We too are lacking in good news coverage that interests local residents.

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