Symphony of Schools String Quartet visits MMS


The Mansfield Middle School 5th Grade Students were entertained on Thursday, February 16th by the Symphony of Schools String Quartet.  The string quartet discussed the importance of education and its relation to the educational process.  Students were introduced how math is taught in the timing of playing an musical instrument.  The ladies also played music from the 1800’s displaying the relationship of history and music as well.

The Symphony of School String Quartet also discussed he science behind how musical instrument work.  Language Arts were discussed in the composition of writing and telling a story with moods associated with different music.  The String Quartet was comprised of two violins, one viola, and one cello.

This is the third time the String Quartet has visited Mansfield Middle School to introduce students to different musical instruments.  Students were invited to attend the Symphony and dress rehearsals on the weekend.

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