Strike! Hornets Beat Mt.Pine


The Hackett Hornet Bowling Team did an amazing job last night in knocking down the Mt.Pine Red Devils. The Hornets won by a little over 200 pins. The top bowlers for the boys’ team were Pacey McBride with a score of 204 and Tanner Wright with 157. Nathan Childs ended the game with a 153 and Kobe Stanfill had a good game of 137.

Nathan Childs

The Lady Hornets were shorted handed due to the fact that they share athletes with basketball but Chloe Patton and Emma Infalt both competed for the girls’ team and did a great job. Coach Matt Whitsett tells us what’s up next for the Hornets, “We bowl Hass Hall Springdale next Tuesday, January 22 at 4. We haven’t seen them play yet so I’m excited to see how they will do. We will also face them in the District Tournament on Feb 5th.”

Chloe Patton

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