Statewide Minimum Wage to Increase January 1


By Tammy Moore Teague

On January 1 minimum wage earners will be seeing an increase in pay following a ballot measure approved by voters in November. Wages will increase incrementally to $11 an hour by 2021.

On Tuesday those earning $8.50 an hour will get a boost to $9.25. For a wage earner bringing home $340 per week will be, after the first, netting $370.

Arkansas Issue 5 passed with 605,784 voting for and 279,046 voting against. Proponent Bruno Showers, a senior analyst with Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families said “It’s easy to not see how a few dollars a week would make a difference, but the cumulative effect of that raise does make a difference.” However, those against the wage increase feel it will hinder hiring and struggling businesses.

The $9.25-an-hour wage will increase to $10 a year in 2020 and to $11 on Jan. 1, 2021.


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