Sr Tigers Flyin’ High On Threes


Last nights game between both Sr High Mansfield Tiger teams and West Fork Tiger teams definitely weren’t lacking in intensity and zest. The Mansfield Lady Tigers fell short 50-42, bringing their conference play record to 0-6. The Mansfield Tigers lost by one heart-stopping point 64-63 placing the Tigers 1-5 in conference play.

Amber Elmore

The Lady Tigers kept it close the entire game, keeping pace and matching the West Fork Lady Tigers shot for shot. Mansfield kept the lead for most of the game but in the end, time just wasn’t on their side. Maggie Strunk, Makayla Strutton, Rylea Weaver, Amber Elmore, and Brooke Wright all put points on the board for the Lady Tigers. Macy Davis and Mikayla Harrison were a few of the defensive workhorses who contributed to the Lady Tigers power plays.

Makayla Strutton and Macy Davis

Although the boys’ game truly can’t be described in words, I will do my best. I would be surprised if everyone in the gym didn’t walk away from the boys game feeling like they had just done 5 hours of a 1980s Denise Austin work out video. From standing to crouching to sitting on the edge of your seat to even jumping with excitement. (I refrained from jumping as I didn’t want to hurt myself) It was evident with their play and emotion on the court, that the Tigers played one of their best games of the season. Ethan Stovall scored an impressive 23 points. Codi Chick and Layton Howard brought in a combined 24 points. And Tyler Holmes, Colton Stipins, Isaac Cothran, and JoJo Bailey secured the remainder of the Tigers points.

#12 Codi Chick and #1 Layton Howard

The Mansfield Tigers will stay home and face the Charleston Tigers on Friday, January 11 for their Homecoming. Ceremony events start at 5 and games start at 6 pm.

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