Sr Pirates Steam Roll Past Berryville With Ease


Pictured is #22 Darryl Kattich

The sport of American football itself was relatively started up in 1892. The basic name of the game was to run with the ball and try to manhandle and mow over your opponents for a touchdown. It was a man’s man physical game. Passing in the game was not even an option until 1906. The town of Cedarville was established before football was even thought of so it only makes sense that the Cedarville Pirates stick to the old ways of the game. In fact, the hard-nosed ground and pound run game is the Pirates calling card. Last Friday night, the Sr High Pirates showed their fans that even though we’re in a “new norm”, old football is still alive and well as they thumped Berryville 44-6.

Kicking is #35 Hayden Partain

When it comes to the offense on a football team, the QB is known as the field general. He must be able to be quick on his feet, throw the pigskin with vigor preciseness, and remain calm under pressure. Luckily for the Sr Pirates, they can check that one off of their to-do list. QB, Cody Dickens, finished the night completing 5/7 passes totaling 140 yards and 2 TDs. When it comes to the running backs, also known as the halfbacks, this player is literally the jack of all trades. They can run, they can pass, and they can block. And last Friday night, the Sr Pirates had two running backs who stole the show. Bruce Turney ended the match with 4 receptions totaling 111 yards and 2 TDs while Darryl Kattich closed shop with 17 carries for 254 yards and 3 TDs including 1 massive out of this world touchdown for a whopping 99 yards. “What will be remembered about this game will be the 50-yard TD pass from junior QB, Cody Dickens to junior, Bruce Turney, right before the half, taking us up 32-0,” stated head coach, Max Washausen. “Also, junior running back, Darryl Kattich’s 99-yard TD run along with our aggressive defense!”

QB #8 Cody Dickens

Cedarville’s defense wouldn’t be outdone by their offense though. The Pirates made Paper-Mache out of Berryville every time they stepped on the field. In fact, there were an unprecedented four Pirates who ended the game with double-digit tackles. Senior, Max Mcgill, and sophomore, Hayden Morton, led the Pirates ship with 13 tackles apiece. Senior, Tommy Metcalf, and junior, Bruce Turney, teamed up for 11 tackles each. Junior, Darryl Kattich shredded the Bobcats and rounded out with eight tackles. And junior, Hayden Partain, jumped in the mix of things to end up with six tackles. Chalk up a big sack for Turney and Kattich snagging a fumble recovery and you could say that the Pirates defense went to war with automatic cannons firing at will. Needless to say, Cedarville’s defense dropped anchor at the kickoff and refused to budge until the final buzzer of the game. “I’m really impressed with how our defense was able to shut down a big physical team like Berryville,” stated head coach, Max Washausen. “We looked really smooth for Game 1.”

The Pirates defense including #57 Luke Mallow and #33 Levi Johnson

Cedarville was picked by many to win the 3A-1 this year and after their performance against Berryville, it’s hard to see anyone who can lower the good ol’ Jolly Roger proudly waving in the wind. The Pirates, on the other hand, know they have a target pinned on them for upcoming games but the Bobcats are now in their rearview mirror. As of now, each player has already forgotten about last Friday. Instead, the Sr Pirates are sharpening swords, loading their cannons, and preparing to set sail for their fierce conference foes. That’s right! It’s Cedarville’s rivalry week against the Mountainburg Dragons on Friday, September 4 at 7 pm in Mountainburg. Treasure Chest or Bust!

#2 Running back, Hayden Morton

Cedarville and Berryville giving their final farewells Covid style

Photos courtesy of Rhonda Ridgway

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