Sr Lady Tigers Reroute Indians War Path


Pictured is “Super” Sarah Fisher laying down a layup

After a fall from grace against Acorn on Tuesday, the Lady Tigers could have merely hung their heads and moped around until their next conference game. That would be how cowards play though, not pure-blooded Mansfield Tigers. The Lady Tigers instead arranged a game against the County Line Lady Indians on Friday, January 22rd, and got back to their winning ways with a 57-27 victory.

Danielle Lillie goin’ in for a lofty Lillie layup

One would’ve thought that Mansfield was still hungover from their earlier loss in the first quarter as the Lady Indians stayed in the game due to missed shots and poor passes by Mansfield. The slow start gave the Lady Tigers a slim 15-9 lead at the end of the first quarter. But once the Lady Tigers got their feet warm, it was game on. Led by seniors Chloe Creekmore, Danielle Lillie, Makayla Strutton, and Brook Wright, Mansfield went on a shooting spree hanging 17 points in the second quarter and only allowing County Line to put up 3 points. Going into the half, the Lady Tigers led with a score of 32-12 but still weren’t happy with their performance.

Seven Sanderson makes County Line player cash in their frequent flyer miles

In the past, Mansfield has had problems closing games out and allowing teams to get the edge in the second half. Not this time. Mansfield came out of the locker room like a Tiger with rabies both offensively and defensively. To top things off, the Lady Tigers had a pair of subs who stepped up like StairMasters. Seven Sanderson and Sara Fisher were challenged in their Acorn game and took offense to that challenge as they circled the wagons around the Lady Indians offense. Mansfield’s offense then took charge as the Lady Tigers cruised past County Line with a top geared 57-27 win.

Chole Creekmore smothers an Indian offensive player like gravy on a biscuit

Leading the Lady Tigers in scoring was none other than Makayla Strutton who put up 18 points in the game while also gauging the Indians for seven steals. If County Line focused on Strutton, they paid dearly with a right hook from Danielle Lillie as Lillie lit up 17 points and 4 steals in the game. But wait, there’s more. Natalie Allison signed up for sniper camp after the Acorn game and went two for two on her 3 point shots, scored 8 total points, and pulled down 9 total rebounds. Brooke Wright and Chloe Creekmore weren’t about to play second fiddle against the Lady Indians as they pounded the backboards combining for 7 points and 10 rebounds. Seven Sanderson led the team in rebounds with 10 total and sank 3 points in the game as she went 3 of 4 from the free-throw line. And Sara Fisher was a short fuse that went off on County Line. Fisher hit nearly every mark in the stat book scoring 4 points, 3 offensive rebounds, 1 defensive rebound, and exposed the Lady Indians with a dominant breakaway layup.

Natalie “All In” Allison with a quick pass

The non-conference victory was just what the doctor ordered for Mansfield as they improve to 14-4 on the season. With the Lady Tigers still short on players, they still have games to play and most importantly, win. Their showing at County Line with great performances from the starters and bench alike show that the Lady Tigers are becoming more well rounded. Mansfield will take their newly founded and rounded game to a point next against a round two matchup with the Lavaca Lady Golden Arrows on Tuesday, January 26th. Lavaca can beat anyone at any time and the Lady Tigers know it, but Mansfield will not be detoured. Not this time.

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