Sr Lady Hornets Hit Turbulence Against Charleston


If the Hackett Sr Lady Hornets have shown one thing this season, it’s that they’ll take on the biggest dog in the yard just to show them that they can. Whether they win or lose, their opponents will not second guess them again. A case in point is when the Lady Hornets stepped up to the Charleston Lady Tigers on Tuesday night. Although the scoreboard showed a 42-20 loss, Hackett’s never quit attitude could be seen by a blindfolded Stevie Wonder in a dark basement!

Faith Thomas

The Sr Lady Hornets dropped early in the first quarter as their offense struggled to get their gears turning while Charleston was able to roar ahead to hang a quick 20 points on Hackett. Most teams would just kick the dirt and call it a night, but not Hackett. With the offense down, the Lady Hornets stiffened up on defense. Hackett shut down the prolific Lady Tigers offense holding them to only 3 points in the 2nd quarter. To make things better, the offense was able to force the tigers to foul more with their aggressive attack. With both sides now clicking, Hackett doubled their production putting up another 6 points and going into halftime only down by 11 points with a 23-12 score.

#20 Madeline Freeman

Coming out of the half, both teams seemed to play a basketball version of Battleship. Hackett fired a couple of shots at C4 and C5 to gain 4 points on the board. Charleston caught the Lady Hornets off guard though by hitting H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 to score 10 points in the 3rd quarter. Hackett was down, but the Lady Hornets were still in a fighting mood going into the 4th quarter. Unfortunately, the Lady Hornets offense never really kicked in creating a stalemate in their scoring. Hackett sank 4 more points in the 4th quarter, but Charleston was able to tack on another 9 points handing Hackett a 42-20 loss.

#13 Brooke Holt

The low of a loss is never good. But one thing the Lady Hornets can hang their hat on was that although their defense allowed 20 points in the first quarter, once they heated up they only allowed 22 points for the following three quarters against a high-powered Charleston team. Leading the team offensively was “Mighty Madi” Taylor who hooked up with 9 points in the game. Teonna Best and Madeline Freeman paired up to reign in 4 points apiece for Hackett while Faith Thomas and “Lord Lilly” Slavens combined for 3 points against the Lady Tigers.

#3 Lilly Slavens

The loss puts Hackett at a 0-11 overall record and a 0-6 conference record. Rest assured that the Lady Hornets are focusing on the next up rather than games of old though as they go one on one with the Lady Bulldogs of Waldron Friday, January 15.

Photos courtesy of Bridget Freeman

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