Sr Bulldogs Fetch A Win


The West Fork Tigers came to town and the Waldron Bulldogs were more than ready for them. The Bulldogs knocked down the Tigers for a 70-61 win and although the Lady Bulldogs had a 53-36 loss, they still fought hard.

Chenoa Burdess

The weather wasn’t the only thing making it rain last night. The Bulldogs were throwing hoops and stealing dreams. The boys ended their night with an 80% free throw record and secured 16 steals. The Bulldogs also dominated 28 rebounds with Mason Ford making 5 of those. Bringing in 42 points for the Bulldogs was Payton Brown. Drew Dozier made 12 points and Gada Wagner added 6. Combined for the 10 remaining points were Isaac Villareal, Ruben Valdez, and Jacob Avila. The Bulldogs have upgraded to 6-2 for their conference play record.

Jaden Hutchens, Jacob Avila, and Ruben Valdez

Chelsea Stidman, Lilly Scott, and Jillian Davis all played a suffocating defense for the Lady Bulldogs. Having an unstoppable offensive night was Samantha Slater and Chenoa Burdess with their leads in the points department. The girls know what they need to fix for their next match and will be ready to come back and score a win. The Lady Bulldogs are sitting at 1-7 in their conference play record for the season.

Chelsea Stidman

Up next for the Sr High Bulldogs are the Mansfield Tigers on Tuesday, January 22 at 6 pm.

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