It’s “Spy Dog” Day in Waldron!


Brooke Yandell, RP Contributor

(Referencing above image) Waldron Mayor, Neil Cherry (Far Right) proclaimed February 1st as Spy Dog 5.6 Day! They will be going to Lego land in California May 16th – 22nd where their will be 76 other teams from around the country. Tracie Adams (Left), Waldron School Teacher, and Sherry Johnston (Right) proudly stand with the students, and Senator, Terry Rice.

Spy Dog 5.6 is a rookie team for FIRST Lego league made up of two 5th grade. and eight 6th grade Waldron students.

There are a total of 400 teams around Arkansas. Spy dog 5.6 made it thru their regions event, and went on to the U of A event. They also won the Global Innovation Award which will send them to Washington DC.

A special thank you would like to be extended to Tyson Foods for their support!

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