Spirit Week at Lavaca


Mismatch day in Lavaca

Spirit Week at Lavaca means you are likely to see students dressed in costume. Each day has a theme and students will dress up in a coordinated effort to exhibit their school spirit. This tends to build up all week climaxing on Friday which is Homecoming. Friday there will be a Parade, Pep Rally, introduction of the Homecoming Court, crowning this years Homecoming Queen, and a football game against the Magazine Rattlers.


It’s a “pink out” in Lavaca

Monday was “Mismatch day”. Kids dressed in mismatched clothing and had a ball doing it. Monday evening was a “Pink Out” at the Volleyball match. Tuesday Is “Kountry Day”, Wednesday is “Fake an Injury day”, Thursday is “Vine/Meme day”, and Friday is of course “Purple and Gold day”. Check back tomorrow to see what “kountry day” looks like.

As Always,
Go Arrows!!
Arrow Pride!!


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