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A few weeks ago I received a call from a young lady in Waldron asking if she could job shadow me for her eighth grade career day. My first thought was that she must not have been able to get a hold of any of her other choices. (insert laugh) My second thought was nerves. (Don’t mess this up, Megan) Of course, I said yes! It’s not very often that a teenager actually asks’ to spend time with you. I’ve got one tween and two teenagers and I couldn’t even tell you what they look like!

I spent the last week getting things in order for Hazel Buesing’s visit. With District ending and Regionals beginning, this was actually a great time to be job shadowed. I had met Hazel before through her many Bulldog sports so I knew we would have plenty of fun on our job shadowing adventure. Yesterday, April 30, Hazel showed up at my house full of energy and eager to learn. As we were sitting at my desk going through the top to bottom process of writing and publishing an article, I asked her if journalism was what she was wanting to do as a career? With a serious look on her face Hazel said, “No, I want to be a Cardiologist!” After a second of silence, we burst out laughing. Once the tears stopped rolling, she said, “But I do like to write.”

After much excitement, the day ended back in Waldron with Hazels most nerve-wracking task of the day. Interviewing a Coach. With the Lady Bulldogs softball team playing in Regionals on Thursday, we chose Coach Bailey Moore. As Hazel’s mentor, I couldn’t be more proud of her. She delivered a flawless interview and her day as a Sports Writer was wrapped up. Although Hazel has a passion for cardiology, she definitely has the “heart” for Journalism. Thank you, Miss Hazel Buesing, for choosing me as your job shadowing partner in crime!

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