Senior Press: Mansfield Volleyball/Cheer Edition


By Megan Hecox

Allie Willsey is a Senior at Mansfield High School. Not only does she love to cheer but she also has a love for volleyball which she has been doing for six years. She is the daughter of Shannon and Fabri Willsey. After high school, Allie plans to attend UAFS and major in Early Childhood Education.

Mansfield Senior High Cheer Coach Ashley Wilson tells us what it is like coaching senior Allie Willsey and what she is going to miss most about her.

“Allie used to be one of the quiet ones and now she is the complete opposite. I have loved getting to watch her come out of her shell this year. She has probably taken more falls and injuries than anyone else on the squad and she always gets up and keeps going. I will miss talking about which new Micale Lynn scrunchie we are going to get next. ;)”

Photo provided by Fabri Willsey



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