Scientist, Curtis Varnell, Visits Mansfield Elementary


Scientist, Curtis Varnell, explains to Mansfield students how rockets and spaceships take off.

On Tuesday, first and second grade students were excited to attend a science presentation by Curtis Varnell and Amber Cobb. Curtis Varnell, from the Guy Fenter Education Service Coop, is a Specialist in Science and Social Studies and is over the Science Education Division. Amber is the Gifted and Talented Specialist for the Coop, and she overseas the areas schools GT programs. Both Cobb and Varnell help area schools with STEM projects and competitions.

Cobb talked with students about space adventures and challenged the kids to astronaut training. She explained to the students how rockets and spaceships work and how they survive in space. She also explained to the students what astronauts eat in space and how they are able to drink liquids.

Amber Cobb explains the control center for spaceships at NASA to Mansfield students.

Next, Varnell talked with students about gravity and explained how rockets take off. He demonstrated several small rocket take-offs within the classroom, and then students went outside after lunch to watch a large rocket launch and take-off. He told students, “Science is fun! It’s the best subject.” He encouraged students to get involved with science, projects and learning. In the conclusion of their presentation, students were given an astronaut badge.

Picture below is of 2nd grade students sampling the real astronaut food and drinking juice like astronauts. Students also received their astronaut badge while leaving the presentation from Ms. Amber Cobb.

After the large rocket launch, students in Mrs. Root’s 2nd grade class then returned to class and wrote about what they learned. Student, Makenzie, had much to say about how much she loved having Mr. Curtis and Ms. Amber come to her school and visit!

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